Friday, July 24, 2015

my last two weekends in photos.

weekend 1:

We went out for some Mexican as a family on Friday night. I'm a firm believer in enjoying a margarita (or glass of wine, etc.) when dining out with little people - toddler antics in public are far less stressful. (Actually, the kids were great this night, but that's not always the case - but a Friday night + Mexican.. how could I turn down a fresh margarita?)

My phone was full this weekend, so I occasionally deleted apps to snap a couple of photos, but my selection was pretty sparse. Owen adores his baby sister.

We were out the door bright and early Saturday morning to watch cousin Ella's last swim meet of the season, followed by a family trip to Trader Joe's to restock our wine cabinet.

Then it was pool time, nap time, and homemade pizzas for dinner. Then while Colby went out with some old friends, I sat and culled & edited some photos of the lovely bride-to-be from my previous weekend's photo shoot.

Our Sunday was hot. I met my sis-in-laws for an early breakfast. Meanwhile, Colby got up with the kids, fed them, and dressed them - and made it out the door and to church before our 9AM service where I met him. Not gonna lie, I was rather impressed. We postponed a playdate with Owen's class for a cooler day, and headed to our favorite twins' first birthday party.

weekend 2:

For a second Friday in a row, we went out for some Mexican for dinner. It was hot and crowded, but thankfully they served the kids some fresh tortillas while we waited to be seated, then were served massive margaritas once a table opened up. As for the kids: Complimentary sopapillas for dessert for the win!

On Saturday, we went to the pool, had a Target run, and then sent Owen off to the Sporting KC game with a friend. He arrived home way past his bedtime, and all smiles after an evening with his buddy, Jake.

On Sunday, we had a pool date with friends in between rains, then invited them over for ice cream. Boys are really rowdy. But sometimes, for only a split second, they are not.

And I finally did what I've been itching to do for weeks: made PIE! Strawberry Rhubarb. 

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