Wednesday, August 12, 2015

brooks, lately. [2 year old edition.]

We have a two-year-old little boy living under our roof. Again. And he's a cute one. Our Brooksy.

He's demonstrated on more than one occasion just how two he is with his frequent "No's" and occasional tantrums, or other versions of asserting his little two-year-old independence. 

But even so, this age is a fun one. Watching as my little baby-turned-toddler really transforms with his exploding vocabulary, developing confidence, evolving interests and abundant personality.

Two-year-old Brooks is still a momma's boy. As long as I'm present, I'm the adult companion of choice, but he is perfectly content to be left with babysitters, in Sunday school, or other family when I'm not around. 

He is a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse superfan, with a peaking interest in Dinosaur Train. We have yet to see him take any interest in any movies, though he hasn't been given a lot of opportunity, either.

He is a shadow of his big brother, often mimicking his play, words, and interests. He loves to play baseball. He loves to climb into his twin bed and fall asleep there. He wants to join in any activity he sees Owen doing - whether that be a board game, jumping from the couch, or brushing his teeth.

His favorite toys are his big brother's Basketball Guys and Batcave, but also loves to draw, be rough and tumbly, play with his toy kitchen, the marble run set, or any other toy that involves getting out lots of pieces.

He loves to sing. LOVES to sing. Among his favorites include songs like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Uptown Funk, Let it Go, Ghost, Old McDonald, Pherrel's Happy, and the ABC's. Sometimes we hear gibberish sung to an unrecognizable tune, as well. And 90% of the time he sings, it's at the top of his lungs.

And speaking of, a lot of his conversation is done in that manner. We can be 6 feet away from him and he decides he needs to yell for us. Don't bother trying to ignore him if you're mid-conversation with someone else as it becomes increasingly impossible with each chant of your name. 

Food is a sensitive subject for this one. The child is far more difficult than Owen ever was in that department. Let's just say.. dinnertime is a delight when we're not serving mac n' cheese. I swear the child survives on 50 calories per day.

He is finally sporting a decent head of super-fine stick straight hair, with an occasional flippy curl around the ear. He has big brown eyes, with beautiful lashes. He has an arch in his back, and is just the cutest little thing to watch walking around, owning the ground he walks on.

He can be incredibly charming, and quite a comedian. He loves to make us laugh, and does a really good job of it. Soaking up our fun and spunky toddler before he grows up on us.. We love you, Boo Boo Bear!

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