Tuesday, August 4, 2015

my weekend in photos.

We've gotten into this really wonderful routine of going out to dinner on Friday nights this past month. This week we tried Tom + Chee - a creative menu of grilled cheese and tomato soups, with a few fun extras.

We met a gaggle of soon-to-be kindergarteners from Owen's class for an end-of-summer playdate at the pool before everyone goes off their separate directions for school in a couple of weeks. Owen really did make the sweetest friends this past year - I'm sure going to miss their sweet faces and the closeness of their class.

I may or may not have come out of there looking like I've never met sunscreen, but at least my Saturday afternoon hair appointment redeemed me a bit.

We headed to the pool again on Sunday for awhile before Colby's softball games and babies' naps, then hung at home for the remainder of our Sunday night.

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