Friday, August 21, 2015

my weekend in photos.

Since my weekend didn't technically end until Tuesday night, I've had a little trouble finding the time to get in my blog post.

All dressed up, with no place to go. Sadie and I packed for a girls weekend, arrived to the airport with time to spare, made it to our gate (and through security with 70,000 items in tow) to be told our flight was delayed 3 hours. Which soon turned into 5 hours, and no guarantee of even that time. Needless to say, attempt #2 for a flight to Indy ended in another round trip day trip to the KC airport. And no one was as mad about it as this little lady.

I called my crew back to the airport to fetch me and got to go to the pool with my boys while Sadie hung back at home with Colby for a nap.

Sadie and I finally made it to Indy on Sunday afternoon for a quick trip to visit my dad, brother, and the new house.

And the new puppy.

And these two were inseparable.

I got a quick visit in with some family and my high school BFF, but mostly hung around the new digs with my dad. We stopped by the old house briefly on my way back to the airport. It was unreal, heartbreaking, overwhelming, and just.. crazy.
Meanwhile, back in KC, my oldest was rocking the kindergarten scene while his younger brother was getting some one-on-one attention with his nana and the nanny. Then our big stuff two-year-old finally got upgraded to a twin bed, after many nights of climbing into Owen's bed. Thank goodness for technology!

It was good to get home, and we've kicked off a family weekend at the lake. Hopefully I'll get this weekend's post done a little sooner!