Friday, September 4, 2015

life::an outtake

It sometimes gets overwhelming to have so much to say to my momma.

I have had a LOT of of morning and evening drives since November that I would have otherwise been on the phone with her sharing life's latest happenings.

As the school year routine has settled in, and this morning in particular, I'm overwhelmed by all that I so desperately want to tell her. Like how that little Brooksy who clung to me during each of our final visits has really come out of his shell. How he's talking up a storm. Making SENTENCES. Fragmented ones. And sings. And is the funniest one in the family. How his two-year-old antics can be exhausting, yet he's got me wrapped around his finger. And the baby. The little Sadie lady who shares the same middle name with her. How our family's biggest surprise has been one of our biggest blessings. How my last baby is breaking my heart by speeding right through this fleeting baby stage as she has mastered crawling and sitting up by 6 months. How she's outgrown the clothes we bought for her last Labor Day together just after I told her we were having a girl, and she should probably plan to buy on the bigger end because our little lady is long. (But who am I kidding, she would have already had a stockpile at home for her just waiting for our next visit.) And Owen. One of my momma's life's GREATEST loves. I want to tell her about this amazing 5-year-old who was MADE for being a big brother. How tender he is with his baby sister. And a teacher to his brother who mimics his every move. How he is MADE for kindergarten. Who has blossomed into such a leader, with a truly caring heart. Who has already come home a few times without a sticker, as he tends to be a little talkative - but when he does, he captivates his classmates. Whose face is always wearing a smile when Colby peaks into his classroom. Just like hers always did.

I just miss her today.

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