Monday, September 7, 2015

my weekend in photos.

Three day weekends are pretty dreamy. 

A Friday night in, and we kept the whole crew up late to celebrate a long weekend in hopes that would mean a Saturday morning of sleeping in. Check out our after-dark entertainment.

Needless to say, Colby had made a donut & coffee run, all 3 children were up, fed, and out of PJ's, Colby had his ribs in the smoker, and I had a triple berry crisp in the oven by 8:30 AM. My crew will never sleep past 7. Sigh. 

Summer was going out with a bang, so we cooled off at the pool - out last trip of the season.

We had friends over for dinner on Saturday, and didn't chance repeating history, so we sent the kids to bed a little earlier. 

After church on Sunday, we dropped the kids off with nana & papa while Colby and I enjoyed a very HOT day at the K in the shade to catch a Royals loss with Colby's sister & husband. 

Then, per Owen's request, we feasted on french toast for dinner - made from beginning to end by Chef Owen. 

Our final day of our holiday vacation was filled with rain which forced us to get some work done at home, gathering items for our neighborhood garage sale next weekend. I did take a break midway through the day to fetch my laptop, which sure beats writing work emails on over my phone. Otherwise, all other breaks in cleaning were spent doing the USA map puzzle over and over or playing card games with the crew. 

Owen and Colby headed to the Royals game tonight, and I wasn't at all disappointed to have the evening to myself after I put the babes to bed. A little wine, a little apple crisp (yep, that was today's batch - happy fall!), and a little time to catch up on my blog. 

I have a short week and another long weekend ahead - ready to see the temperatures drop a bit this week! 

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