Monday, September 21, 2015

my weekend in photos.

Owen had a birthday party on Saturday morning. Since he has made our living room his personal course on more than one occasion, he was loving the American Ninja Warrior section.

I stayed home with the babies - and exchanged nonstop smiles with this little lady while brother bear napped the afternoon away. PS - there's no keeping her down. She loves to be UP. 

We had a double date with our friends on Saturday night at a new woodfire pizza spot up north. Love these two!

Owen and Colby spent a lot of time digging holes and working in our yard. They planted 3 trees!

Sunday morning breakfast.

Took my boys to the farm Sunday night, just the 3 of us. They fed the baby goats, we pet the baby cows, and watched a momma cow getting milked. They rode the tractor tricycles and ran the entire time. The weather was beautiful. On the way out, Brooks fell and scraped his knees, and I told Owen we couldn't stop at the parlor for ice cream since Daddy was making dinner at home. An orchestra of whining and crying filled my car the whole way home.

Seriously perfect weather we're having in KC!

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