Wednesday, October 14, 2015

my weekend in photos.

I took a lot of photos this weekend, and became overwhelmed by sharing about them. So maybe I will just share them, and not much about them. ;-) We had a beautiful weekend, as October does. Filled with family time at the pumpkin patch, the arboretum, O's soccer game, and hanging in our backyard.

We've traditionally thought Sadie and Owen have been baby-twins. But I am seeing resemblance between these two these days.

i call it a miracle Brooks was even in the same frame. 

He wanted in on my Stitch Fix selfies.

 Owen wanted to make a quick trip with me to the mall so that he could go up and down the escalator and stop at the lego store. 

Miss Personality.

Family photos are coming up.

 Busy weekends = car naps.

"Tickets! Tickets please!" (He's working at a train station window.)

A beautiful weekend, so we spent a morning at the OP Arboretum and marveled in God's beauty. 


Busy weekends also = naps on Nana's lap. 

Peek a boo!

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