Monday, October 19, 2015

my weekend in photos.

Sickness spent the weekend trying to attack, and I think Sunday finally let it in, and come Monday my mind was a fog. I've had the kind of day where my eyes are glassy and watery, and my mouth hanging open ready for the next sneeze to temporarily itch my nonstop state of feeling like I need to sneeze.

Friday was uneventful. After dinner and putting the kids to bed, I joined Colby and his buddy in our basement to sip some hot cider, edit some photos from Sadie's 6 month "session," and cheer on our Royals to another victory.

Whole Foods' Autumn Couscous = YUM.

Saturday was a chilly morning, so we put on some layers and headed outside Saturday morning to play. I told Brooks that it was a bit chilly outside and asked if he wanted to go to the basement to get a hat. "Yeah!" After rejecting a couple of [more practical, warm] options I had provided, this is what he came up with.

I took my dead batteried camera (with no bag) to Owen's final soccer game of the season. Whoops. It was a chilly morning for a game!

Bloomin' mums.

Then crashed in front of the tv for some Royals before Owen and I took a trip to see his cousin's soccer game. (Thankfully, it had warmed up quite a bit.)

I decided to keep us home from church on Sunday since I wasn't feeling my best. The boys went to the park a couple of times while I stuck around home sipping warm drinks saving up my energy for back to back photo sessions on Sunday eve before I crashed early, but was interrupted several times by small children before morning.

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