Sunday, November 8, 2015

my weekend in photos.

Celebrated the big 4-OH with one of my favorites. And some other favorites. At Cooper's Hawk!
After a busy week that had us on the go every night of the week, Saturday's non-schedule was very welcomed to get some cleaning and laundry done around home.  But even a productive day needs a little fresh air.
Brooks was handed a sample, he took 3 steps, and sat down right in the center of the floor at the zoo that is Costco. Sorry for the roadblock, fellow shoppers.. my 2 year old is having a moment with his oatmeal.
Hygiene 101. (Plus, a freshly bathed baby is all kinds of cute and delicious.)
 Coffee table: 1        Brooks: 0
Amidst all the cleaning that took place this weekend, I played a few rounds of matching with this one. 
A low-key and productive weekend to prep for an exciting and crazy week ahead!

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