Friday, December 25, 2015

Thursday, December 24, 2015

life::an outtake

I got a text at work from my husband a few weeks ago to "block off" an upcoming Tuesday night. Since it was a school night and middle of the work week, I was confused by my orders. I work late on Tuesday nights, so I needed to know if I was needing to leave work early, look a certain way, build in some time to feed myself dinner, etc. The best I gathered, we were going on a date. I could be ready no later than 6:30 PM, and I was going to be fed. Childcare was in line, and I should "dress up a bit."

So when I climbed into his car at 6:33, and he disappeared back inside to use the restroom and grab my coat I started texting my mother-in-law who was inside the house with my children [and who I barely had time to say hello to] about some leftover blackberries from the previous weekend's holiday party for ideas on how to put them to use.

Colby returned and stood outside the car on his phone, presumably plugging in an address to get directions that he didn't want me to see.. or so I thought. At 6:44, he was still outside my car, and I had settled on some blackberry baked oatmeal for my Wednesday night baking project. I was just about to get out of the car to remind him of the strict deadline he had set, when he opens his door, "C'mon, hop in with them," then opens the garage door to the big Suburban pulling into my driveway with 4 of my favorite KC Hoosiers inside.

We arrived downtown for BRGR for dinner, and the waiter blew the boys' secret partway through our meal with, "You guys are going to see that a Capella group, aren't ya?"

I suspected Straight No Chaser since I had just eyed their tour schedule a few weeks before, and had considered purchasing [unbeknownst to Colby] tickets for the two of us. But it was icing on the cake [AND a total surprise] to have the other 4 along with us.

The concert was fabulous - such an entertaining group, and some amazing holiday music thrown in to make it festive. The company was better. Such a fun night, and one of my favorite dates!

Monday, December 21, 2015

my weekend in photos.

Winter break is here!

To celebrate, we went out for some Mexican. And while I've never claimed Jose Pepper's to be culinary maters, they somehow managed to mess up boxed mac n' cheese. (We usually go the quesadilla route, and now I see why.) The boys were served mac n' cheese soup for dinner, and neither of them liked it. Or their fruit served with it. Family dinner fail. Lesson learned: don't order American food at a Mexican restaurant. At least the magna doodles offered some entertainment while Colby & I ate.

Owen had a great basketball game on Saturday morning with a cheering section that took up most of the seats along the sideline. (Sorry other parents.)

Big brother coaching.

While the boys went to watch my niece's game that afternoon, I got my wrap on. And my unwrap on. Because I forgot to label the gifts I wrapped a few weeks ago, and well, memory isn't my strong suit. And then my rewrap on. Not even close to being done with the wrapping, but at least I've started.

Owen asked if he could use my phone to take some "really great pictures. I'm awesome at pictures at night. You want to see?" Out of about a dozen, this was my favorite. A shot taken out our front window.. the layers, the lights, the silhouette reflection.

Another Owen creation. He set up the timer, the candles on either side of us, and instructed us where to stand. Family photo!

Then we didn't hurry for bedtimes on Sunday night since no one (besides me) had anything to wake up early for.

A short week ahead for momma, and we're all looking forward to Christmas!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

my weekend in photos.

What a wonderful and busy weekend! We played host to my company's holiday party on Friday night. I was pretty pleased with how festive and cozy our house was for entertaining. My work crew is super fun, too -- we had such a fun evening.

Meanwhile, Nana & Papa hosted a sleepover and gingerbread house making at their house for all TEN of their grandchildren.

After a mix of too many drinks on Friday night, I was impressed I got myself out the door Saturday morning to take Owen for basketball while Colby headed out for practice.

We went out to fetch our annual Christmas ornaments for the kids on Saturday before settling in for a restful low-key evening for all of us tired party animals. The near-70 degree temps sure made gingerbread houses and Christmas ornament shopping seem out of season, but you'll hear no complaints about warm weather from me!

A rainy Sunday was perfect for an afternoon nap after church, then we ended with a dinner with new friends.

Just chillin' and watching some Thomas the Train.

Cheers to a super fab weekend!

Monday, December 7, 2015

my weekend in photos.

After a long and rough week back for all of us, I was ready to smother my people in love for a weekend at home. 

Saturday morning kicked off basketball season for Owen. He joined a new league with a friend from school, and I think it's going to be a fun season. 

Swim season is also in full swing for Colby, so he rushed off to his swim meet while the gang and I headed home for naps for the babies and finishing up the Christmas tree decorations for Owen and I. 

The two boys also spent a long while together outside collecting pieces of nature. Love watching them play together. 

I met my girlfriend at Target at 8:30 on Saturday night. On purpose. Our second annual 20% off coupon shopping trip on a Saturday night in our yoga pants after the crazy holiday crowds have cleared out. We got Starbucks and cupholders, and perused the aisles for 3 hours before checking out. For our 3rd annual trip, we hope to be served wine upon entry to the store. 

On Sunday, I introduced Owen to the game Skipbo, and like with every single board/card game that he's learned, he's in love. We played several games throughout the day, and Colby and I even played a couple of rounds after the kids went to bed. 

We got a sitter to watch Sadie while just the boys, Colby, and I had a special date to the movies. The Good Dinosaur was really cute, and we were so proud of how well Brooks did at his first trip to the movies. (Owen was nearly 3 for his first movie, so this was about 8 months earlier for Brooks.)

The final hour before bedtime [and longest hour of the day] looks like this. Every. Single. Night. I'm just praying we don't end up at the emergency room one of these nights.. boys are crazy. 

And then there's Sadie. Her bottom lip disappears when she's getting sleepy.