Thursday, December 24, 2015

life::an outtake

I got a text at work from my husband a few weeks ago to "block off" an upcoming Tuesday night. Since it was a school night and middle of the work week, I was confused by my orders. I work late on Tuesday nights, so I needed to know if I was needing to leave work early, look a certain way, build in some time to feed myself dinner, etc. The best I gathered, we were going on a date. I could be ready no later than 6:30 PM, and I was going to be fed. Childcare was in line, and I should "dress up a bit."

So when I climbed into his car at 6:33, and he disappeared back inside to use the restroom and grab my coat I started texting my mother-in-law who was inside the house with my children [and who I barely had time to say hello to] about some leftover blackberries from the previous weekend's holiday party for ideas on how to put them to use.

Colby returned and stood outside the car on his phone, presumably plugging in an address to get directions that he didn't want me to see.. or so I thought. At 6:44, he was still outside my car, and I had settled on some blackberry baked oatmeal for my Wednesday night baking project. I was just about to get out of the car to remind him of the strict deadline he had set, when he opens his door, "C'mon, hop in with them," then opens the garage door to the big Suburban pulling into my driveway with 4 of my favorite KC Hoosiers inside.

We arrived downtown for BRGR for dinner, and the waiter blew the boys' secret partway through our meal with, "You guys are going to see that a Capella group, aren't ya?"

I suspected Straight No Chaser since I had just eyed their tour schedule a few weeks before, and had considered purchasing [unbeknownst to Colby] tickets for the two of us. But it was icing on the cake [AND a total surprise] to have the other 4 along with us.

The concert was fabulous - such an entertaining group, and some amazing holiday music thrown in to make it festive. The company was better. Such a fun night, and one of my favorite dates!

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