Monday, December 7, 2015

my weekend in photos.

After a long and rough week back for all of us, I was ready to smother my people in love for a weekend at home. 

Saturday morning kicked off basketball season for Owen. He joined a new league with a friend from school, and I think it's going to be a fun season. 

Swim season is also in full swing for Colby, so he rushed off to his swim meet while the gang and I headed home for naps for the babies and finishing up the Christmas tree decorations for Owen and I. 

The two boys also spent a long while together outside collecting pieces of nature. Love watching them play together. 

I met my girlfriend at Target at 8:30 on Saturday night. On purpose. Our second annual 20% off coupon shopping trip on a Saturday night in our yoga pants after the crazy holiday crowds have cleared out. We got Starbucks and cupholders, and perused the aisles for 3 hours before checking out. For our 3rd annual trip, we hope to be served wine upon entry to the store. 

On Sunday, I introduced Owen to the game Skipbo, and like with every single board/card game that he's learned, he's in love. We played several games throughout the day, and Colby and I even played a couple of rounds after the kids went to bed. 

We got a sitter to watch Sadie while just the boys, Colby, and I had a special date to the movies. The Good Dinosaur was really cute, and we were so proud of how well Brooks did at his first trip to the movies. (Owen was nearly 3 for his first movie, so this was about 8 months earlier for Brooks.)

The final hour before bedtime [and longest hour of the day] looks like this. Every. Single. Night. I'm just praying we don't end up at the emergency room one of these nights.. boys are crazy. 

And then there's Sadie. Her bottom lip disappears when she's getting sleepy. 

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