Monday, December 21, 2015

my weekend in photos.

Winter break is here!

To celebrate, we went out for some Mexican. And while I've never claimed Jose Pepper's to be culinary maters, they somehow managed to mess up boxed mac n' cheese. (We usually go the quesadilla route, and now I see why.) The boys were served mac n' cheese soup for dinner, and neither of them liked it. Or their fruit served with it. Family dinner fail. Lesson learned: don't order American food at a Mexican restaurant. At least the magna doodles offered some entertainment while Colby & I ate.

Owen had a great basketball game on Saturday morning with a cheering section that took up most of the seats along the sideline. (Sorry other parents.)

Big brother coaching.

While the boys went to watch my niece's game that afternoon, I got my wrap on. And my unwrap on. Because I forgot to label the gifts I wrapped a few weeks ago, and well, memory isn't my strong suit. And then my rewrap on. Not even close to being done with the wrapping, but at least I've started.

Owen asked if he could use my phone to take some "really great pictures. I'm awesome at pictures at night. You want to see?" Out of about a dozen, this was my favorite. A shot taken out our front window.. the layers, the lights, the silhouette reflection.

Another Owen creation. He set up the timer, the candles on either side of us, and instructed us where to stand. Family photo!

Then we didn't hurry for bedtimes on Sunday night since no one (besides me) had anything to wake up early for.

A short week ahead for momma, and we're all looking forward to Christmas!

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