Monday, March 30, 2015

my weekend in photos.

 This was the second time it was me left with the wolves-- I mean children-- during the witching hour to feed, bathe, and get them to bed. It went much better than the first time.  Sadie and I were sitting watching Owen play basketball, when he decided he needed to take a breather. Brooks came wandering in from his usual emptying our pantry shenanigans and climbed up onto the couch and said "cheeeese," as he normally does whenever he's sitting close to Owen (likely because I usually ask to take their picture when they're that way). So, I held out my iPhone, and snapped a selfie. Or, an "us"ie? Regardless, check it out. We're all in the frame, thanks to my long arms. And looking the right direction. And smiles, with the exception of the baby. Love my little crew. 

This 4 year old who is looking more like 14 to me began his latest adventure this weekend: basketball. Which is his new favorite. But I'll be curious to see in the coming months as we change seasons if his favorite changes along with the team he's on. ;-)

Brooks needed to escape to the hallways. It was the only way I was going to keep him off of the basketball court. 

I tuned in to some Hoosier Hysteria from KC Saturday afternoon. My high school's boys basketball team made their first appearance in the 95 years that they've been in existence to the state 2A championship game this past weekend. They ended up being beat pretty badly (by a ritzy private school who has won 5 out of the last 6 years), but it was a great run for the Eagles. 

Meanwhile, the boys went for a swim. 

Sunday errands with the whole fam. This one loves an excuse to go "bye-bye." 

We had a beautiful day for our neighborhood Easter egg hunt. Brooks wasted no time gathering eggs, and didn't want a single egg to go unnoticed. He filled his basket to the brim and still, he gathered. I was secretly tossing eggs across the grass as he continued to gather. 

They always bring in some sort of "Easter" animal as part of the entertainment. This year it was a baby sheep. Just like Grandpa's farm. ;-)

And, there's Sadie. She was along for the ride this weekend. Isn't that just the way it is for baby #3?

Thursday, March 26, 2015

1 month with sadie.

We're one month in. One month has passed since we welcomed sweet Sadie into our family. Into our lives. Because there's not one second of life that goes by that doesn't have at least one of us completely consumed by this itty bitty person.

We're still living in the fog of newborn demands around the clock. I have a tendancy to hole up for a couple of weeks upon a baby arrival. And even though I've resurfaced, I'm still just treading it feels. But I wanted to at least share some photos from our first month as a family of 5.

See? 5 of us.

We brought home a teeny sleepy little bundle. 

And Grandpa came to meet his granddaughter.

We put a bow on her, and eased into the world of girl.

She opened her eyes, and we're all getting acquainted. 

We're navigating through this new family dynamic. The kind where children outnumber the adults. Where there's only 1 mommy, and a newborn whose life depends on being literally attached to me, and a 19 month old who thinks his life depends on being attached to me. Navigating the tears. The brand new baby ones, the "abandoned" toddler ones, and mine, too. Where I find myself carrying a toddler on one hip, and a baby in my other arm to avoid at least 2 of the aforementioned persons' tears. Where the diaper genie pail is filled on what seems like a daily basis, the laundry, dust, and other household chores are neglected, and more often than I'd like, so is my eldest child. (But that's where my handy dandy husband comes in.) And the interrupted sleep cycle should go without saying. But it's getting easier. As it always does. And I hope a more regular blog presence will arrive in the future thanks to a continued trend of adjusting to a new normal - one that gets a little more manageable with time.

But do you know what else happens during those foggy newborn days? Cuddles and snuggles and smooching newborn cheeks and necks and fingers and mouths and inhaling that sweet baby smell as they snooze on your chest. Ohhhh my heart.
And our whole family has fallen so in love with this little peanut. Her big brothers have loved her, each in their own ways. Brooks loves to play alongside, always lingering near the "bebe." 
He's also been notorious for bringing things to her. Whether it's a belonging of hers that he's found or toys to incorporate her into his play, she is adorned with stuff by her littlest big brother on a daily basis. If I leave her unattended with him for any period of time, I return to little sister who doesn't mind her halo of toy dishes, blanket of hot wheels, or socks on her mouth and eye one bit.
Owen loves her so affectionately. He often asks to hold her, and smothers her in kisses, which is not something his daddy or I are ever on the receiving end for. He seems to have a special little place in his heart for his baby sister. He overflows with pride, and couldn't wait to show her to his friends at school. He returns home and asks for her immediately because he missed her that day. 
He is usually the one responsible for her wearing a bow, and wants to be in charge of picking it out each day. And he's a helper. He takes charge of pushing the stroller during school drop-off and pick-up. In the photo below,  I had even offered to carry his bags, but he insisted he carry them so that I "could carry Brooksy 'cause he's kinda busy."
Yep, we're doing life with this new little lady. We've had visitors. Gentlemen callers. And have gone on walks. Taken baths. Baked cookies. Sat outside on our porch. Danced, napped, rocked, participated in tummy time, and pooped for a straight week without stop. And by God's grace, we've even loaded up the Acadia and gone places. And we're doing it more often.. both voluntarily and involuntarily. (Because if I had it my way, I would not be leaving the house before 8am with 3 children.) To church, to school, to Nana & Papa's, doctor's appointments, kindergarten roundup (just.. don't.), a school music program, the park, the clinic, miscellaneous errands, to mommy's beloved Target on multiple occasions.. and the Starbucks drive-thru, also on multiple occasions.

It's been a whirlwind. It's been an adventure. An emotional whirlwind, new and sweet adventure that's been really difficult yet full of so much joy.

We've made it. A whole month.

With pink in our house. Ahem.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

meet sadie.

A little lady surprised us [yet again] with an early arrival last week. A teeny and vocal little girl has already shown us just how much love our hearts are capable of. Proud to introduce our sweet little bundle, miss Sadie Elizabeth, born February 23rd at 3:33PM.