Monday, June 29, 2015

my weekend in photos.

We spent so much time outdoors this weekend. I mean, I guess that's what you do in the summer, but this weekend was 20 degrees cooler than last, so we didn't find ourselves needing to escape the sun for some A/C for an afternoon.

A Friday night family walk ended us at the park where Colby & Owen were joined by another dad and his 2 boys for some dad vs. kid baseball in the park. We stayed out past the kids' bedtimes, taking advantage of some neighborhood playmates and a gorgeous night. 

 Sadie and I watched.

Saturday mornings are for pancakes.

We got a vet and car appointment out of the way on Saturday morning before heading to Owen's game.

Then, afterwards while the babies napped, Colby & Owen got in some pool time while I got in an afternoon cocktail and quality time with Pinterest, Blogs, and social media on our back porch.

I love the stage when babies just wiggle and kick and their whole bodies move with excitement. She just can't hide it.

Then. Probably the best part of my day were these bad boys: Smoked Chicken Quesadillas with fresh roasted peppers fresh from the grill. It's our new family favorite dinner.

We ended up back at the park on Saturday night. And so did our new friends. The baseball continued on into the night - but this time, I took the babies home for bed after awhile. We're not really sure what happened - one minute Brooks was walking around with his shorts on, and the next he shows up for his turn at bat without them. 

Following church on Sunday, we were back at the ball fields for Owen's final game of the season. Owen suited up like Perez for his final inning.

"Go Owie!" Brooks would go from showing no interest to what was happening on the field, to excited clapping and cheering for Owen in a matter of seconds [at the most random times] and back to no interest.

Little sisters make good cheerleaders, too. 

As if we hadn't had enough baseball for the weekend, we tried to go catch some of Colby's game Sunday evening. Owen loved watching the guys play. Brooks on the other hand...
Game? What game? 

Whew! Owen is SO sad baseball is over, but thank goodness for backyard "homerun fences" and daddies who love to play, and now new friends to play with at the park! We have a BUSY week ahead, but we're looking forward to a long holiday weekend.

Friday, June 26, 2015

owen, lately. [5 year old edition.]

It was in the blink of an eye that I became the mother to a 5 year old. A half of a decade passed during the time it took me to blink. I can hardly believe that my first born will be heading off to kindergarten in less than 2 months.

He's a leader. This isn't something I would have said about him a year ago - I think being a veteran in his pre-k class gave him the opportunity to step into that role. I'll be interested to see how this evolves in a new setting this next year.

He's helpful and capable of doing so much on his own. He can help set the table, get his own glass of water, dress himself, open doors, buckle himself in the carseat, fetch something in another room, etc. With 2 under age 2, it's so dreamy to have a self-sufficient one in the house.

He's athletic. The kid lives to play sports. We are in the season of baseball, so it's obviously his favorite right now. But having played organized soccer, baseball, and basketball this past year has been so fun to watch him develop a love of the game. Allllll the games.

He's really an outstanding big brother. He's proud, he's affectionate, and he truly loves being a big brother. With our newest addition, he has shifted a bit towards a paternal role (sometimes by necessity - ha!) with both of his little siblings. It's not uncommon to find him lying on the floor talking enthusiastically to Sadie, causing her whole body wiggle with excitement.

He's curious, and he loves to learn. He has begun reading beginner level books, and he asks the meaning of words he doesn't know when being read to. He's such a sponge - especially about the things he loves most. He officially knows more about the sport of baseball than I do, thanks to watching games with his daddy and asking questions along the way.

We don't watch a lot of TV with the exception of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for Brooks in the mornings, and baseball at night - but he also is completely enamored by "How It's Made," and would choose that over any cartoon, but second to Royals baseball.

He's sensitive. Sometimes to a fault, but also one of the things that I really love about him in certain situations. (He gets it from his Daddy.) We have really been working with him over the last couple of years with "taking control" of his emotions. But it also has shown through - in such pure, tender, and thoughtful ways - on so many occasions with regards to losing his Grandma. And well, that really tugs at my heartstrings.

He loves pizza. He's competitive. His Daddy is his best friend. The two of them are the best playmates.  He's becoming less of a morning person - often grouchy if someone wakes him. He has a wonderful imagination. He likes to ride his biked to the park - a skill he has mastered for now, until we take off the training wheels! He's social. He laughs at burps and farts and his brother running through the house naked. He loves to be in the spotlight and make people laugh. He loves his friends and family.

He's our 5-year-old who seems far too grown up, but I adore the little person he is becoming.

Do you remember Owen at 3 and 4? Take a look back!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day

Celebrating my Daddy from afar today. A man I first knew as "George," then soon became "Daddy," and he rocked at it. He made his living laboring in the GM plants in my hometown's heyday - working long hours, long weeks on second and third shifts.. but always had a spot next to my mom in the bleachers of my basketball games. He worked hard to provide for our family a life he was not so fortunate to have - a summer didn't go by without a family vacation and I never paid a cent of my college education. In so many ways, we couldn't be more different. He listens to his Oldies music too loud, and has a sense of humor I will never understand. His idea of a perfect day would be spent in the woods or on a fishing boat. He's a bookworm and history junkie - documentaries are his television shows of choice. His fashion style consists of blue jeans and a flannel shirt in the winter or blue jeans and a plain pocket tee in the summers. But I've never doubted his love for me. He's an all around stand up guy who stepped in to become the ultimate dad to a couple of kids who were not born his own. He is selfless, generous, and supportive. He is gentle and rugged. He is naughty and he is interesting. And he is my Daddy. I love that man.

For all the loss I have endured in the last year, he has endured more. He was at my mom's side in her worst of days during her chemo treatments, then her declining health. He said goodbye to the love of his life far sooner than anyone should, then 6 months later to the day lost their home, their dog, and everything inside to a tragic fire. Thankful for his courage, his unconditional love, and the Daddy he was and still is to me.

my weekend in photos.

Father's Day weekend had arrived, and the weekend activities definitely were about him.

It was a beautiful summer night, and we had a date. Dinner & an outdoor concert with Marc Broussard headlining - an artist we had gone to Indy to see 10 years ago while we were in college. We had drinks, then moseyed on over to the park and set up a blanket and soaked in the night.

On Saturday, Colby & Owen went to watch my niece swim then we all headed to Owen's baseball game where it reached a muggy 100 degrees. 

We stopped for smoothies on our way to drop our crew with Nana & Papa for a pool day while Colby and I headed north to the West Bottoms for Boulevardia - a music, food, & beer festival put on by KC's local Boulevard Beer. For it being a 21 and over event, I was surprised by how old I felt. Regardless, the street tacos were amazing, the beer was cheap, and it was fun to browse some of the little trendy vintage/refurb/antique shops in the area.

Dancers on the side of a building - why not? 

For Father's Day morning, I only sort of started breakfast for Colby, but he finished up while I tended to unruly children - I felt that was probably the sweeter end of the deal for him, even if he was making his own Father's Day breakfast. And, we snagged this photo during Brooks' 5 second limit to sitting "still" for a photo. 

After church, Colby headed out for the Royals game with his dad, brother, and brother-in-law. We ordered Jack Stack bbq for carry-out and feasted dad's day style on some KC ribs, brisket, beans, and cheesy potatoes for a low-key night in after a weekend we had hardly spent at home.

(Men kinda suck at selfies. Royals getting crushed doesn't help.)

Hope you had a great Father's Day celebrating the amazing men in your life!

Monday, June 15, 2015

my weekend in photos.

Friday was the first night in way too many days that one of us didn't have something on our agenda. I was more than happy to spend it at home with our family.

Colby prepared a lovely chicken & pasta dinner for us - which was interrupted too many times to count by a hungry baby, a whiney/screaming toddler, and requests for more milk and forgotten vitamins by our oldest. It was the opposite of quiet and relaxing. But once bedtime rolled around, Colby & I and a bottle of wine parked it outside on our porch - something we haven't done in way too long.

Since the introduction of Brooks' toddler bed, the two of them have yet to simply go to bed. Here we watched as Owen read Brooks his Wheels on the Bus book all the way through, while Brooks listened so intently and shouted "Yayyy" and clapped his hands when he finished.

We pulled up Google Maps street views and navigated through the streets of our childhood, then around campus at IU, and to our first date spot on Kirkwood Ave. We reminisced of the memories we had of those streets and marveled at what life looks like 11 years later. After we had finished our wine, we pulled up Netflix (screen # 3 of the evening) and watched Season 1, Episode 1 of Parenthood - a series that I clearly missed the boat on while it aired. I'm hoping we can make it through the whole series this summer.

We started Saturday morning with some drizzly baseball. I gladly watched from the car with a happy baby in my lap and a happy toddler with the freedom to roam about. I then met a couple of friends for brunch before settling in for a relaxing afternoon at home.

That evening, we headed to our neighborhood pool party where Brooks voluntarily got into the water and maybe kinda liked it? Then while the kids bathed, I snuck in a run - the first in a couple of weeks of mayhem.

After a few weeks of absence, I was so happy to get back to church on Sunday morning. Afterwards, we ran a couple of errands, then home for some snoozin'.

Another baseball game, another trip to the pool, and another Sunday night that came too soon. Perfect weekend with my family.

Friday, June 12, 2015

my weekend in photos.

Last weekend was dedicated to celebrating my birthday with some lady-friends. I had put myself to bed before 9 on a Friday night in hopes that I'd sleep off whatever bug that had me feeling lousy, and it worked.

We arrived in Weston, MO - a teeny quaint little town about an hour away from KC -  on Saturday afternoon to Pirtle Winery. We sampled the menu, then ordered a couple of bottles and a picnic basket to share.

We checked into the Saint George, continued our wine drinking, then headed to dinner at Avalon Cafe, where I had more wine, dinner, and a birthday dessert [with a crooked candle].

After dinner, we headed to O'Malley's, a musty underground irish pub from 1842 - where smoking still isn't outlawed in bars, and we listened to live music and had drinks.

Meanwhile, back in KC... Colby & Owen enjoyed a muggy day at the K with friends cheering on the Royals. 

It was a late night for me, but "late" is a relative term when you turn 30. And I wasn't the only one out past dark. Meet the incontinent Mr Toad...

For the life of me, I can't figure out how I didn't fell like complete dirt on Sunday morning when my biological clock woke me up around 6:30 AM after a night full o' drinks and a later than usual bedtime. It was the best day/night - those gals made me feel really special for my 30th birthday. <3 p="">

I had a crew that was happy to see me after my night away - the first away from Sadie. And I was sure happy to see them.

We even made a trip to the pool - the first of the year after a rainy couple of weeks. 

Bedtime was welcomed early Sunday night. 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

life::an outtake

Last week, I had a birthday. One of my favorite gifts I received was a "Save the Date" card for a date night with Owen. This was not only our "first date," but it was especially meaningful because he is the one I spend the least one-on-one time with due to my popularity amongst the smaller crowd in this house. So last night I came home from work to a 5-year-old who was looking extra handsome [but also extra hungry, per dad], so I rushed up to change into a dress, carrying some strappy sandals in hand to ask Owen how I looked. He goes to my closet and pulls out my nude pumps to replace my flat sandals, and off we went!

Owen talked my ear off. Mostly about Royals and baseball, then we played tic tac toe and dots & boxes on his paper kid menu. He devoured the bread and oil that came before the meal, and had pepperoni pizza for dinner, and couldn't wait to be done so we could continue our intense game of dots & boxes.

It was simple and sweet, and just what I needed with my biggest little man.