Sunday, July 26, 2015

life::an outtake

I arrived at the ticketing counter with my stroller, carseat, my almost 2-year-old, my 5-month-old, a diaper bag filled to the brim, laptop, purse, and suitcase on Saturday morning and was told I was not going to make my flight. Somewhere in my planning, I miscalculated the time I needed to leave the house, though I'd been up and ready long before my departure.

The morning, while hectic, ran unexpectedly smoothly. I had gone to bed the night before with a migraine, leaving all of my packing for the next morning, in addition to loading everyone up to take the dogs for boarding. I had even volunteered to take my sister-in-law and nephew along with me to the airport since they were flying to meet the Dischinger clan in New York for their grandparents' wedding anniversary. I was pretty proud of my accomplished morning.

Yet here I was, suddenly without a plane to board, arms full of an accomplished morning in the form of babies and baggage. I sobbed. It was instant and automatic.

The sweet Southwest Airlines employee, in the midst of my instant despair, climbed over the baggage scales from the ticketing counter and hugged me. Honestly, it comforted me more than I could have expected.

On the bright side, Brooks was thrilled to climb back onto the big blue bus for our ride back to our parking lot. We even happened to have the same driver who greeted us with, "Uh Oh," remembering she had dropped us off not long before.

We all made it home in one piece. (Dogs, included.) We had popcorn and homemade chocolate milkshakes for dinner. And after the babes were put to bed, this momma had a glass of wine. Catch ya another weekend, Hoosierland.

my weekend in photos.

Early Friday morning, I kissed my oldest 2 boys goodbye for a very, very long drive to upstate New York. I haven't gotten to hug their necks yet, but Colby is having the best time sharing pieces of his childhood with Owen. I'm getting pictures galore, but I'll spare you the majority.

Then after a long day at work, I came home to pack through a migraine for the rest of us to catch a plane to Indiana. Somewhere along the way, I miscalculated the time I'd need, and ended up missing our flight. Tears ensued.

After some popcorn & a milkshake for dinner, I spent a very long night on my laptop  with a glass of wine working on an unnecessary job to rebrand my photography. Again. New logo, new website.. coming soon! Or, maybe not very soon. But by the end of 2015.

I decided I needed to feel productive if I were going to be at home for the weekend, so I began sorting through toys and have gathered a box full of toys that will find another home.

And Sadie surprised the heck out of me when she started scooting in a forward motion, very purposely, after toys. Yikes. She isn't wasting any time rushing through this baby phase.. how do I stop her from growing so quickly?

Speaking of growing, we also had a birthday boy in the house today. Since we already had his party, we "celebrated" with a trip to Target to do a quick stock of our fridge since we left it pretty bare when we tried to leave town. He showed off with all of his two-ness "tricks" with some "No's" and more than one tantrum where he dramatically lied on the floor of Target and glared at me when I wouldn't let him "bounce" another orange ("ball") on the ground or put all of the Almond Joy bars into the Resees box.

But seriously, he's my favorite two year old. Love my Brooksy!

I had lunch with some coworker friends, and an evening of cleaning and entertaining my little people before settling down with my laptop.

Looking forward to the return of Owen & Colby this week, and the start to the month that our schedules make a big change.. yet again!

Friday, July 24, 2015

my last two weekends in photos.

weekend 1:

We went out for some Mexican as a family on Friday night. I'm a firm believer in enjoying a margarita (or glass of wine, etc.) when dining out with little people - toddler antics in public are far less stressful. (Actually, the kids were great this night, but that's not always the case - but a Friday night + Mexican.. how could I turn down a fresh margarita?)

My phone was full this weekend, so I occasionally deleted apps to snap a couple of photos, but my selection was pretty sparse. Owen adores his baby sister.

We were out the door bright and early Saturday morning to watch cousin Ella's last swim meet of the season, followed by a family trip to Trader Joe's to restock our wine cabinet.

Then it was pool time, nap time, and homemade pizzas for dinner. Then while Colby went out with some old friends, I sat and culled & edited some photos of the lovely bride-to-be from my previous weekend's photo shoot.

Our Sunday was hot. I met my sis-in-laws for an early breakfast. Meanwhile, Colby got up with the kids, fed them, and dressed them - and made it out the door and to church before our 9AM service where I met him. Not gonna lie, I was rather impressed. We postponed a playdate with Owen's class for a cooler day, and headed to our favorite twins' first birthday party.

weekend 2:

For a second Friday in a row, we went out for some Mexican for dinner. It was hot and crowded, but thankfully they served the kids some fresh tortillas while we waited to be seated, then were served massive margaritas once a table opened up. As for the kids: Complimentary sopapillas for dessert for the win!

On Saturday, we went to the pool, had a Target run, and then sent Owen off to the Sporting KC game with a friend. He arrived home way past his bedtime, and all smiles after an evening with his buddy, Jake.

On Sunday, we had a pool date with friends in between rains, then invited them over for ice cream. Boys are really rowdy. But sometimes, for only a split second, they are not.

And I finally did what I've been itching to do for weeks: made PIE! Strawberry Rhubarb. 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

brooks' language.

We have joked these last few months that we're going to have to create a Brooksionary for our new nanny this fall to give her a little help in the 'understanding what Brooks is trying to say' department.

I mean, honestly.

Ah Dah: Mickey (coined from the "Hot Dog" song)
Wa Wa: Water or Walk, depending on the context
Mo Mo: Milk
Bee: Book
Hewwo: Phone
Ma Ma May: Made a Mess (this one is actually our favorite - he uses it frequently. Because he frequently makes messes. But he uses it with such a serious tone, and the ever so slightest twang on "may." Ha!)
Bae: Blanket
Ahjee: Ice Cream
Doe Doe: Kirkwood (which is fascinating, because that's what Owen called him, too!)
Ehpee: Airplane
Meeya: Macy
Totzee: Pizza
HeeHee: Smoothie

I'm certain there are more, but these are some of the first that come to mind.

He also has a plethora of words that are a little closer to their actual pronunciation, and does an amazing job of repeating after someone.. as long as it's something he wants to do. Toddlers. His vocabulary is just exploding. Love watching our second born learning to communicate with words!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

my weekend in photos.

Who doesn't love a 3-day weekend?

I had dinner with a college friend visiting from NYC. And an engagement photo session. And then non-stop family time for the remainder of my weekend. We went to the pool. (Where Brooks has shown some major strides towards actually liking to to swim.) We grilled. We had a picnic. Went to the pool again. Participated in our neighborhood parade. Enjoyed some cold treats. Joined friends for a holiday cookout & some water fun. We took Owen's buddy with us to the Royals game. Watched an incredible firework display. Listened to slurred nonsense from our 5-year-old who was up way beyond his bedtime. Had breakfast on the porch. Went to the pool AGAIN, this time with cousins. Made homemade icecream. Drank wine. Had a cookout with family. Had Parenthood marathons.

It was active and relaxing, if that makes sense. 3-day weekends sure make a Monday less than desirable.

Enjoy the photos from our 4th of July weekend, in no particular order!