Monday, September 28, 2015

my weekend in photos.

You know it's going to be a good weekend when Grandpa's in town!

We met for a lunch date, just the two of us, on Friday afternoon, which was delightful. Can't say I remember the last time I had a date with my daddy!

Saturday morning, I subjected my dad to some dry needling for his back (which gave him immediate relief), then onward we went for Owen's soccer game. Owen's team lost, but he scored their only goal which was fun to have Grandpa in town to see (of course, I didn't get it on video.. so this is just a random clip).

Took my dad out for some post-soccer BBQ, because that's how we do.
Since we stuffed ourselves for a late lunch, we decided ice cream for dinner for summer's farewell seemed appropriate. We spent the evening enjoying the weather on our porch while the kiddos bounced about.

My dad was out and about and couldn't resist picking up this little number. For obvious reasons, it's my favorite cookbook, too.

The party didn't stop after my dad went back to his hotel, and the kids went to bed. A bottle of wine, our back porch, & this guy.

My dad stopped by to say goodbye on his way out Sunday morning, while we had a lazy morning around home. We packed up for our annual visit to the Plaza Art Fair with the crew for some lunch, and then I finished my evening out with a photo session and super moon / blood moon gazing.

Aside from being so crowded, it's kid-friendly. They have an entire strip dedicated to kids activities.

What a beautiful show our KC sky put on!

Monday, September 21, 2015

my weekend in photos.

Owen had a birthday party on Saturday morning. Since he has made our living room his personal course on more than one occasion, he was loving the American Ninja Warrior section.

I stayed home with the babies - and exchanged nonstop smiles with this little lady while brother bear napped the afternoon away. PS - there's no keeping her down. She loves to be UP. 

We had a double date with our friends on Saturday night at a new woodfire pizza spot up north. Love these two!

Owen and Colby spent a lot of time digging holes and working in our yard. They planted 3 trees!

Sunday morning breakfast.

Took my boys to the farm Sunday night, just the 3 of us. They fed the baby goats, we pet the baby cows, and watched a momma cow getting milked. They rode the tractor tricycles and ran the entire time. The weather was beautiful. On the way out, Brooks fell and scraped his knees, and I told Owen we couldn't stop at the parlor for ice cream since Daddy was making dinner at home. An orchestra of whining and crying filled my car the whole way home.

Seriously perfect weather we're having in KC!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

my weekend in photos.

It was one of those weekends that was less than perfect, yet my heart so happy. At any given time, I had a child crying. From the 6 month old all the way up to my 5 year old, I had an extra sensitive bunch. We, and about 3 other residents, participated in our neighborhood garage sale and have little to show for it. And we finished season 5 of Parenthood and now have to wait 2 weeks until the final season is available on Netflix.

My sister-in-law joined me most of the day on Friday [while the inside of my house remained untouched] for some good company for our less than impressive showing. That evening when my children came home, they took a new interest in all of the toys we had out for sale.

That evening, my girlfriend and I took our feet out for some overdue pampering. The man who was doing my pedicure asked whether I was a runner, and whether I had small children. His assumptions were based on the calluses on my feet and the bruises on my legs. Thanks for covering for me calluses - I'm a little off my game. A little mossy, a little bird poopy:

I put Colby and Owen in charge of the sale on Saturday morning while I took Brooks on an errand adventure. The two of us knocked out Trader Joes, Costco, and Target all before 10 AM. I stocked our cabinets with red wine, and put my shopping trip to good use immediately by making some chicken tetrazzini. Tis the season for casseroles!

This little lady is growing right before my eyes. It seems like she is learning/mastering something new all the time, and this weekend's feat has been standing to play - her new favorite pastime.

My sister-in-law and niece spent the day with us again, and then the rest of her crew joined us for dinner that evening. It's kind of amazing to look at these two -- my first niece who is now in middle school holding her littlest cousin.

Another trip to Target was made on Sunday when I finally decided to give in to Owen's pleas to buy the real (NOT Junior) version of Monopoly using the funds from his piggy bank. We brought along our sidekick Brooks, though I should have stopped while I was ahead from our trips the day before when he was on MUCH better behavior.

After we got the two-year-old grouch down for a nap, Owen and I broke in his new game.

We finished out our weekend with a birthday party for my 3-year-old niece and a soccer game for Owen where he scored his first goal of the season - game-winning in the final couple of minutes of play.

Sure didn't want our weekend to end!

Monday, September 7, 2015

my weekend in photos.

Three day weekends are pretty dreamy. 

A Friday night in, and we kept the whole crew up late to celebrate a long weekend in hopes that would mean a Saturday morning of sleeping in. Check out our after-dark entertainment.

Needless to say, Colby had made a donut & coffee run, all 3 children were up, fed, and out of PJ's, Colby had his ribs in the smoker, and I had a triple berry crisp in the oven by 8:30 AM. My crew will never sleep past 7. Sigh. 

Summer was going out with a bang, so we cooled off at the pool - out last trip of the season.

We had friends over for dinner on Saturday, and didn't chance repeating history, so we sent the kids to bed a little earlier. 

After church on Sunday, we dropped the kids off with nana & papa while Colby and I enjoyed a very HOT day at the K in the shade to catch a Royals loss with Colby's sister & husband. 

Then, per Owen's request, we feasted on french toast for dinner - made from beginning to end by Chef Owen. 

Our final day of our holiday vacation was filled with rain which forced us to get some work done at home, gathering items for our neighborhood garage sale next weekend. I did take a break midway through the day to fetch my laptop, which sure beats writing work emails on over my phone. Otherwise, all other breaks in cleaning were spent doing the USA map puzzle over and over or playing card games with the crew. 

Owen and Colby headed to the Royals game tonight, and I wasn't at all disappointed to have the evening to myself after I put the babes to bed. A little wine, a little apple crisp (yep, that was today's batch - happy fall!), and a little time to catch up on my blog. 

I have a short week and another long weekend ahead - ready to see the temperatures drop a bit this week! 

my [last two] weekend[s] in photos.

Welp, so immediately following my weekend at the lake, my laptop quit working on me. It was a very sad couple of weeks without the ol' girl, but I'm back. To the best of my ability. I'm too tired to make it through all 3 weekends, so Labor Day weekend will be a little delayed.

Our family took a trip to the Ozarks for the weekend at the close of our first couple of days back to school. It was a fun way to close out our summer for a little mini-"vacay" with our fam. It wasn't really hot, but the pool was heated, so the boys were perfectly content to spend the whole weekend in the pool, and I was perfectly content to have a lazy weekend with my crew.

Our happy little lady.

 Boys in the pool. All. weekend.

We had to drag Owen out of the pool to go, but once we got out there, he didn't want the ride to end.

Back porch sittin' with my girl. 

 He loved to watch all the other boats (or jet skis) go by.

This kinda sums up my weekend. Baby on my lap, a drink close by, some water and my boys (which you can't see in this photo) in my vantage point.

A ride on the boat was a first for these two. Brooks sobbed when the boys put the cover back on the boat at the end of the weekend. 

A big thanks to our weekend host!

Then, after two weekends out of town, it was good to spend the one at home.

We went out for some Mexican on Friday night & indulged in sopapillas for dessert. 

I had an impromptu coffee date with a friend on Saturday morning, followed by Owen's first soccer game of the season. At the end of the game when the coach asked the team if they had fun, Owen replied "Yeah, but I'd rather be playing baseball." Doh! 

When a family walk turns into a run.

Owen is currently Monopobsessed. He's been plotting to buy the adult version with his piggy bank money. 

 When you share a room with your brother, every night is a sleepover. 

We ran a couple of errands, made it to church after being out for a couple of weeks, filled our post-bedtime evenings with Parenthood marathons, and enjoyed the pleasant weather before the hot stretch rolled in. We're working to find our school year groove, still, so a weekend to regroup was needed!

Friday, September 4, 2015

life::an outtake

It sometimes gets overwhelming to have so much to say to my momma.

I have had a LOT of of morning and evening drives since November that I would have otherwise been on the phone with her sharing life's latest happenings.

As the school year routine has settled in, and this morning in particular, I'm overwhelmed by all that I so desperately want to tell her. Like how that little Brooksy who clung to me during each of our final visits has really come out of his shell. How he's talking up a storm. Making SENTENCES. Fragmented ones. And sings. And is the funniest one in the family. How his two-year-old antics can be exhausting, yet he's got me wrapped around his finger. And the baby. The little Sadie lady who shares the same middle name with her. How our family's biggest surprise has been one of our biggest blessings. How my last baby is breaking my heart by speeding right through this fleeting baby stage as she has mastered crawling and sitting up by 6 months. How she's outgrown the clothes we bought for her last Labor Day together just after I told her we were having a girl, and she should probably plan to buy on the bigger end because our little lady is long. (But who am I kidding, she would have already had a stockpile at home for her just waiting for our next visit.) And Owen. One of my momma's life's GREATEST loves. I want to tell her about this amazing 5-year-old who was MADE for being a big brother. How tender he is with his baby sister. And a teacher to his brother who mimics his every move. How he is MADE for kindergarten. Who has blossomed into such a leader, with a truly caring heart. Who has already come home a few times without a sticker, as he tends to be a little talkative - but when he does, he captivates his classmates. Whose face is always wearing a smile when Colby peaks into his classroom. Just like hers always did.

I just miss her today.