Monday, January 25, 2016

my weekend in photos.


But it's fine, because I had a StitchFix delivery on my doorstep.

We've finally entered the stage that Brooks doesn't knock Owen's creations down as they are being built (and even asks Owen to build him "houses.") But Sadie does. So this didn't last long.

Every weekend we get to watch this baller ball. Those years, they just fly.

As little sis gets to play cheerleader with her newly learned trick. #clappingallday

And then while Owen & Colby had a date to see the Harlem Globetrotters..

..and eat giant ice cream sundaes..

I got to hang with these two pals for an adorable afternoon.

And sometimes, every once in a blue moon, I get to reunite with these lovely ladies. And eat really healthy, followed by sinful sugary indulgence. 

Friday, January 22, 2016

Sadie's Christmas Eve bow.

My Christmas Eve was nearly ruined by this lovely green bow. Or rather, the lack of its existence upon my sweet baby girl's head for her very first Christmas in this world.

We spent the better part of our Christmas eve morning cleaning the house and baking some cookie's for Santa's arrival, then started getting everyone ready for our annual Christmas Eve service at church which is followed by dinner with my in-law family. In the chaos that is getting our family of 5 out the door, we had a few items that were to be grabbed on our way out: shoes for Brooks, bottle for the diaper bag, a coat for Owen, gifts for my in-laws... and Sadie's green bow. Halfway to church, I turned to Colby and said, "You grabbed Sadie's bow, didn't you?"

I'll spare you the unpleasant details of the rest of our trip in the car and into our Christmas Eve service, but the bow was nowhere to be found. Following the church service, my husband dropped the kids and I off at the in-laws, then headed all the way back home to search for the bow. Unfortunately, the trip resulted in the only Christmas-y bow he could find - a red one.

By the time he had returned, I was a glass of wine in, and surrounded by family that I can be transparent with, and be loved by just the same. We snapped a photo of our family anyway. 

As it turned out, the evening wasn't a total bust. With some perspective (and wine), I was feeling really blessed to be spending that holiday eve with my KC in-law family that have become my own.

The bow turned up on Christmas morning during our drive to brunch. I made plans in that instant to play dress-up with the kids one day in the near future to snap some "proper" photos of the crew. Here they are!

Monday, January 18, 2016

my weekend in photos.

We had hoped to have Grandpa in town, but he came down with a cold. It was a 4-day weekend for Owen, turned into 5 days with a random 24 hr. bout of a stomach bug that seemed to have isolated itself (knock on wood) to our oldest. We took it pretty easy all weekend. A little basketball, a birthday party, an impromptu couch shopping trip, housework at a minimum, some planning our future, some haircuts (both human and animal), cookie baking, and keeping close to home.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

life::an outtake

Around 1:30 AM this morning, I'm awakened by a loud whisper voice: "Mom. Mom. Mom! Do you know where Brooksy is?"


After a quick and frantic sweep of his bed, bedroom, and upstairs level, I woke my husband in the very same manner. Disoriented and frazzled, we are loud whispering through the house (so as to not wake Sadie) with no answer. I flip on a light to find him sitting on a couch on our first level, in complete darkness, holding his blanket to his cheek (as he does when he's sleepy) with his eyes open and staring into the darkness.

When I said his name again, he turns his head slowly towards the lit room I'm standing in, and in a soft, calm voice says, "Hi, momma.." For a split-second, I was certain his head was going to start spinning in circles. I don't know which was more terrifying- his disappearance or finding him.

Monday, January 11, 2016

my weekend in photos.

Well, we all survived our first full week back to school/work in a couple of weeks. We snuggled in at home at the start of a cold, cold weekend with some Friday night chili.

Saturday morning basketball is one of my favorite weekend pastimes. Owen just plays his little heart out.

And then. I drove through and picked up my grocery order I placed the night before. I've been a pretty loyal Target grocery shopper, (because I really can't stand grocery shopping, so getting to be in Target softens the blow.)... but when Hy-vee started their pick-up and delivery options, I became intrigued. And the facebook hype surrounding it sucked me in.

Knowing that I'd be responsible for getting the 3 kiddos ready and out the door Saturday morning for Owen's game, sounded dreadful to add one more stop of messing with carseats and coats with the frigid weather. So, I planned pickup on our way home and.. voila! One of my least favorite errands was complete. Life changing.

We headed to Owen's old pal, Lou's house Saturday afternoon for a play date. It's always a treat to get those two together!

We braved the sub-zero wind chill for church & Costco on Sunday. If nothing else, it was a good way to shorten the long day of being trapped indoors.

Heya, girl.

 I got crafty in search of some chocolate around our house, and happened upon hot chocolate from scratch. Best cup o' cocoa I've ever had. It's all about that cream.

From pillow and couch cushion mazes, to toys, to painting.. we managed to make messes everywhere we existed. Cleanup was exhausting.

And this. A whole lot of time was spent in this cardboard box.

Monday, January 4, 2016

my weekend in photos.

I kicked off my long weekend with a box of tissues, a hot drink, and episode 1 of the final season of Parenthood, newly released on Netflix.

I ended my long weekend with a box of tissues, a hot drink, and the final episode of the final season of Parenthood.

The tissues were there because I was sick. But the crying that came with allllthefeelin's  made them even more useful.

Not a soul in the house made it to midnight. My feelings are never hurt when it's bedtime.

In addition to a new year, we'll always have a birthday to celebrate on New Year's Day. Aside from baking his favorite chocolate mayonnaise cake, the day was pretty normal - an extension of our winter break of hanging around the house playing board games, then we ventured out for dinner.

On Saturday, we bowled & dined with the other 13 members of our family. Then we invited the whole gang over to share some of that cake and homemade ice cream.

A trip to Target is always an adventure with Brooks.

Sadie has been doing a lot of this lately with something in her hands. Until she notices what she's doing and plops down. Along with some other new shenanigans she's discovering.

For Owen's last day of winter break, we had Nathan over to spend the night. It's fun when cousins are friends, too.

And I even snuck in a short nap by accident in Brooksy's bed. Dinosaur sheets FTW!

And one more, just because she's cute. So pleased with her stacked blocks.

life::an outtake

For the last day of winter break, we had Owen's cousin Nathan over to spend the night. Most of the time was either spent moderating [or purposely moving to a room out of earshot to avoid hearing] silly conversations (read: topics on underwear, farts, bottoms, etc), wrestling, and partaking in competition of different sorts. But this morning as I was gathering blankets and pillows from the room and thanking Nathan for coming to hang with us, Owen says to Nate: "It's a special kind of sleepover because even though you're my cousin, you're also one of my best friends." To which Nathan replied, "Aw, thanks dude."