Monday, January 4, 2016

my weekend in photos.

I kicked off my long weekend with a box of tissues, a hot drink, and episode 1 of the final season of Parenthood, newly released on Netflix.

I ended my long weekend with a box of tissues, a hot drink, and the final episode of the final season of Parenthood.

The tissues were there because I was sick. But the crying that came with allllthefeelin's  made them even more useful.

Not a soul in the house made it to midnight. My feelings are never hurt when it's bedtime.

In addition to a new year, we'll always have a birthday to celebrate on New Year's Day. Aside from baking his favorite chocolate mayonnaise cake, the day was pretty normal - an extension of our winter break of hanging around the house playing board games, then we ventured out for dinner.

On Saturday, we bowled & dined with the other 13 members of our family. Then we invited the whole gang over to share some of that cake and homemade ice cream.

A trip to Target is always an adventure with Brooks.

Sadie has been doing a lot of this lately with something in her hands. Until she notices what she's doing and plops down. Along with some other new shenanigans she's discovering.

For Owen's last day of winter break, we had Nathan over to spend the night. It's fun when cousins are friends, too.

And I even snuck in a short nap by accident in Brooksy's bed. Dinosaur sheets FTW!

And one more, just because she's cute. So pleased with her stacked blocks.

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