Monday, January 11, 2016

my weekend in photos.

Well, we all survived our first full week back to school/work in a couple of weeks. We snuggled in at home at the start of a cold, cold weekend with some Friday night chili.

Saturday morning basketball is one of my favorite weekend pastimes. Owen just plays his little heart out.

And then. I drove through and picked up my grocery order I placed the night before. I've been a pretty loyal Target grocery shopper, (because I really can't stand grocery shopping, so getting to be in Target softens the blow.)... but when Hy-vee started their pick-up and delivery options, I became intrigued. And the facebook hype surrounding it sucked me in.

Knowing that I'd be responsible for getting the 3 kiddos ready and out the door Saturday morning for Owen's game, sounded dreadful to add one more stop of messing with carseats and coats with the frigid weather. So, I planned pickup on our way home and.. voila! One of my least favorite errands was complete. Life changing.

We headed to Owen's old pal, Lou's house Saturday afternoon for a play date. It's always a treat to get those two together!

We braved the sub-zero wind chill for church & Costco on Sunday. If nothing else, it was a good way to shorten the long day of being trapped indoors.

Heya, girl.

 I got crafty in search of some chocolate around our house, and happened upon hot chocolate from scratch. Best cup o' cocoa I've ever had. It's all about that cream.

From pillow and couch cushion mazes, to toys, to painting.. we managed to make messes everywhere we existed. Cleanup was exhausting.

And this. A whole lot of time was spent in this cardboard box.

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