Wednesday, February 17, 2016

2015 year-end videos.

A long cold week has us going a little stir-crazy. So we pulled out the camera and did our 2015 year-end videos.

First up, our newest addition to the video-making fun.

Our first outtake ended abruptly at the impending threat of a baby sister who MIGHT want to touch his pumpkin buckets. But since I feel like it was a good glimpse into current day Brooks, I'm sharing both.

Take two. Some repeat questions, less 2 buckets and a baby sister.

Owen loves this tradition. The kid loves to be in the spotlight, loves to share, and apparently really loves a lot about his life (see his final 20 seconds.) ;-)

(Also, for the sake of realness.. as much as this is totally Owen - outwardly grateful in times of reflection - he also often drops phrases like, "this day isn't very fun" the minute he finds himself bored after a full morning of activities, and will spiral into a series of ungrateful statements that slowly removes his sources of fun.)

See our 2013 and 2014 videos, too!

Monday, February 15, 2016

my weekend in photos.

The weekend of love!

Valentine's day party day for O.

This was Owen's friend asking how to spell his name to write on her list of things she loves.

We had dinner with the in-laws and lots o' cousins.

Saturday morning dealt me some grouchy children, but we managed to survive the day. I think we're all getting tired of the cold weather. We broke up our day with a frigid run to the mailbox.

And recording videos of the kiddos. And dance parties caught on more videos.

And with snack time.

Bedtime was welcomed. Sure am fond of those brothers.

My little lady Valentine. Photo courtesy of O-man.

Heart-shaped pizzas for the rest of my Valentines.

And a whole lotta love.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Yoda Best, Valentine!

Was feeling very grateful to Pinterest and Amazon Prime for our last-minute valentines for Owen's class this year. 

done & done!

Happy non-candy Valentine's Day to you, Kindergarten! 

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Main Squeeze
and Choo Choo.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Monday, February 8, 2016

my weekend in photos.

Babies (or at least mine) go through a stage where they hate bathtime, and then they reach a stage where it is a constant state of bliss. Right now, bathtime is blissful.

And real silly.

I attended a Women's Conference at our church Friday night, while Colby had their division league meet. Glennon Doyle from spoke all kinds of realness from her life - she's a funny one.

Conference with Amena Brown and League meet continued on Saturday morning.

While this cute bestie duo finished up their final game of their basketball season.

Independence at its finest as Brooks is learning to dress himself. He is wearing 3 shirts, and no pants.. and makes a darling Little Red Riding Hood.

The weather was nice, too. For a day. (No hats required, but this one likes his accessories.)

We capped off a busy weekend with a Superbowl party with friends. I headed home at halftime with the kiddos, but was excited to have a reason to sport this oldie but goodie for the occasion. Congrats Peyton and the Broncos!

Monday, February 1, 2016

my weekend in photos.

Grandpa came to visit.

And so did some really great weather!

We ate out for nearly every meal during his 3 day visit, but a repeat date with just my daddy and I was one of my favorites. 

 Followed by this Mexican dinner, because my third non-cuddly baby was feel a little snuggly.

Grandpa got see Owen's game, Sadie's first steps, and some good old fashion Brooksisms.

Say cheese...

 Birthday Partyin' our favorite way. 

life::an outtake

It was 22 days before Brooks' first birthday that we found out I was pregnant with #3. Today I reflected a lot on that day.. because in 22 days, my third and final baby will be turning ONE.