Wednesday, February 17, 2016

2015 year-end videos.

A long cold week has us going a little stir-crazy. So we pulled out the camera and did our 2015 year-end videos.

First up, our newest addition to the video-making fun.

Our first outtake ended abruptly at the impending threat of a baby sister who MIGHT want to touch his pumpkin buckets. But since I feel like it was a good glimpse into current day Brooks, I'm sharing both.

Take two. Some repeat questions, less 2 buckets and a baby sister.

Owen loves this tradition. The kid loves to be in the spotlight, loves to share, and apparently really loves a lot about his life (see his final 20 seconds.) ;-)

(Also, for the sake of realness.. as much as this is totally Owen - outwardly grateful in times of reflection - he also often drops phrases like, "this day isn't very fun" the minute he finds himself bored after a full morning of activities, and will spiral into a series of ungrateful statements that slowly removes his sources of fun.)

See our 2013 and 2014 videos, too!

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