Saturday, March 26, 2016

life::an outtake

Today I had the privilege to have a day date with my littlest man. Grandpa gifted him a couple of tickets to Disney on Ice for Christmas, so I've been looking forward to a Mama & Brooksy day together for months.

He loves an adventure - alternating between running through the sidewalks and stopping abruptly to squat down to point something out or touch different surfaces, he makes it painfully obvious that we don't get out much. ;-)

The show was adorable - touching on all of MY favorite classics - Lion King, Beauty & the Beast, Aladdin, Toy Story, and then an obligatory segment on Frozen. Since we don't spend a lot of time watching movies around the Dischinger household, he's only familiar with Buzz & Woody because we own the action figures, and the Frozen songs that played in the homes of America for months.

We DO, however, LOVE us some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.. and thus spent a lot of time wondering where Mickey and Minney and Donald and Goofy were when they disappeared behind the curtain.  "They're taking a nap inside the castle." So naturally, at one point during the Toy Story portion of the show he started yelling, "Goooooofy.. where aaaare you? ... Time to wake uuuuuppp!"

Following the show, we stopped at Unforked for some dinner where we indulged in some after-dinner treats. A Dirt & Worms sundae for the win to cap off the evening. Had the best day with my little Mama's Boy.

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