Monday, March 21, 2016

my weekend in photos

After only 2 days of work this week, I still found myself exhausted after coming off of several days of sickness. Strep throat ain't no joke, yo. Really, being sick as an adult ain't no joke. With the madness of March in full swing,  it wasn't hard to convince my husband to spend the night at home in front of the tv. But I had some sweet entertainment.

Since a few of our plans for Spring Break didn't go as planned with my being sick, our mid-week breakfast date got rescheduled for Saturday morning. Breakfast with our tribe was just what we needed after a week of grouchiness. 

I had a date with my lady co-workers Saturday eve to celebrate love and marriage. I took obsessive phone breaks to check the score of the Hoosier game at the start, but by time the band started, I joined my favorite wedding crew and dance partners danced the night away.

Sunday felt good - a reuniting with routine after a lot of days out of our usual flow. Church, and lunch out, and errands, and basketball, and small group before everyone crashed for our upcoming full week back to work and school.

[Palm Sunday. Brooks was a deer in headlights the entire parade through. Also, sporting his big brother's sports medal.]

Little lady fashion fills me up. ;-) 

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