Friday, April 29, 2016

life::an outtake.

Living with children who like very few foods, the introduction of dinner on a nightly basis is often the beginning of a downward spiral. Last week was a week from hell in the nighttime department. (I blame the full moon.) There wasn't a single evening that wasn't a sh*tshow put on by the children-three.

One night while Colby was away, I had conversations like,
Owen (in tears): "I just made my whole life ruined!"
Me: "Well, Owen, that was a little dramatic. AND. Your whole life is not ruined because you've lost your dessert privilege this evening."

Me: "Do you think what I did is fair?"
Owen (tears): "No.."
Me: "And why is that?"
Owen (with gusto): "Because I am nice and I'm a Christian!"

This left field answer was in response to me taking away his Garfield books for awhile after repeating some unkind Garfield - Odie dialogue to our dog, Macy. This boy is passionate.

But then, the weekend rolled in, and we had the best weekend outdoors - and I had happy and pleasant children who didn't turn into monsters at dinner and bedtime. And so I began this week feeling refreshed and far enough from the events, that some moments shared with my quotable kid were now laughable.

Well. Then Dad leaves for a weekend (ahem, 3 bedtimes, I mean), and we were bound to have at least one night filled with... emotion.

So tonight while sobbing, "Nighttime is not my favorite time of day. After dinner, I never have any fun!" - my eldest, and yet surprisingly not most dramatic son.

And my response?


Monday, April 25, 2016

my weekend in photos.

That spring weather. It's got us spending alllll of our time outside!

The weather, along with my pleasant and happy and well-behaved children were all very welcomed this weekend!

But first, this gem. When your coworker is training to climb mountains..

Hung with the in-laws for the majority of our Saturday and watched the kids play outside with their cousins. Glorious.

Sunday morning, I ran a 4-mile race with some friends. I felt amazing during the run, but could definitely feel the ache by evening.

The best part of race mornings (I speak as if I do it often?), is the brunch that follows. 

This girl has got us so smitten. 

Sweet baby..

Saturday, April 23, 2016

life::an outtake

It was the third night in a row that those 3 sweet little faces had turned into monsters during our final couple of hours of the day. It's not a new concept - the "bewitching hour" - but it's also not usually so disastrous for all three for three nights straight. 

So when Colby and I resigned ourselves to bed, our bedroom was still lit. And I roll over and look up and see this. And I say, "Well that explains a lot."

Because on Thursday night I posted the following picture and caption:

The kids and I attended Owen's school open house this evening. Because I'm not yet ready to revisit the all-too-fresh memory of the 30-40 minutes I spent visiting the various classrooms in his school, let's just say I'm thankful for bedtime and wine and that my children's performance this evening will not be the ultimate measure of my success as a parent. [Mom]in' ain't easy.

Since Colby was on teacher duty, that left me on parent duty to navigate the Bulldog Open House. Those unspoken events were all put on in front of an audience of teachers and parents and students. My unruly children demonstrated all things opposite of obedience. I was a hot mess throughout the entire evening as I tried to manage the Dischinger family circus moving from one room to another with little success. 

That night, while I was trying to figure out where I went wrong in the parenting category, I found myself content that the consolation prize for my epic public failure as a mom was wine and chocolate.

Monday, April 18, 2016

my weekend in photos.

Colby had an inservice day, so he swung over to meet me for an impromptu lunch date. :)

The perfect weather continued into the evening. We hung on the back porch catching up on some tv series we'd fallen behind on. 

Errand Saturday landed us at Trader Joe's - since we weren't needing vino, we tried the other location which had the kiddy carts. So much perfection for my little helper. 

We also went to Brooks' favorite destination: Target, and, per usual, I came home with an addition to Sadie's wardrobe. 

We hung in the backyard for the rest of the day, grilled dinner, and watched the kids play/fight. ;-) 

We played hide-n-seek. I climbed a tree. 
Post-baths, pre-jammies, he insisted on going back outside.

 We swapped riders on our way home from church so that Owen could attend a birthday party. We didn't have Brooks' toddler seat so he was suppose to ride in his big brother's, but he was not having it.

We went out with friends from our small group. We didn't break out in our 60 minutes, but we sure had fun. ;-) 

Monday, April 11, 2016

my weekend in photos.

We are spending the next several months getting things done around the house - this weekend was the  kickoff. We had some people out to do some door painting (because our doors didn't match our trim), and repair a long-time leak. Colby did some landscaping around the house, and I started adding things to my online shopping cart at Home Depot. ;-)

We've all been fighting off some sniffles (because, THIS WEATHER. let's pick a season and stick with it?), so it was touch and go with the kids at any given time.

Our cold mornings turned into beautiful afternoons and evenings, so we took advantage and grilled and played spending a spring weekend outdoors as much as possible.

So I re-joined the Snapchat world, and this is Brooks' most favorite thing.

Sadie is feeling entirely too long on my lap these days.

My view on our walk home from the park Saturday evening.

Grumpy in this given moment, but so cute sporting a piece of summer denim and bare piggies.

Colby's #1 helper. 

Monday, April 4, 2016

my weekend in photos.

It's back-to-back Mama and Brooks weekends. Just the two of us boarded a plane from KC --> Indy on Thursday morning for a long weekend to see Grandpa & Uncle Derek.

Brooks loved the whole plane adventure. Honestly, that's very much his personality. He loves going to new places, and trying new things (that are not food), and is so excited about all of it. He also was in heaven on our trip to Rural King (a farm supply store) where we got to see some baby chickens and ducks and sit on "tractors."

The trip was scheduled around one of my best friend's photography wedding gig so that I could gain some experience and insight into a day in the life.

Obviously, we stopped for some Pizza King during the visit.

Brooks loved having "Gampa's" undivided attention for the weekend.

We even put Grandpa on toddler duty for the day while I was wedding crashin' - with the exception of a power outage in the middle of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and a dirty diaper that Grandpa otherwise would have taken no part in - the two of them had a delightful day together.

Loved the opportunity to have some one-on-one time with my little boy. We left a frigid 29 degree Anderson on Sunday morning, and arrived to an 82 degree Kansas City on Sunday evening.

The love continued at the Indy airport due to an overbooked flight, and the travel voucher rewarded to bump to a later flight.

Until about 30 minutes before he zonked out, he actually had done really great for our 6.5 hour campout at IND. Those last 30 minutes, though.. And those eyelashes? They go halfway down his cheeks.

Made it back in time to... not see my husband who was off to opening day at Kauffman. 

So I got my Royals swagger on all by my lonesome. 

Friday, April 1, 2016

life::an outtake

Brooks and I are in Indiana for the weekend. Brooks has been loving having the undivided attention of his "Gampa." Tonight I was going to snap a couple of pictures of the two of them together, when Brooks burped. It caught both of them by surprise. I thought these couple of shots of the seconds that followed were keepers.