Saturday, April 23, 2016

life::an outtake

It was the third night in a row that those 3 sweet little faces had turned into monsters during our final couple of hours of the day. It's not a new concept - the "bewitching hour" - but it's also not usually so disastrous for all three for three nights straight. 

So when Colby and I resigned ourselves to bed, our bedroom was still lit. And I roll over and look up and see this. And I say, "Well that explains a lot."

Because on Thursday night I posted the following picture and caption:

The kids and I attended Owen's school open house this evening. Because I'm not yet ready to revisit the all-too-fresh memory of the 30-40 minutes I spent visiting the various classrooms in his school, let's just say I'm thankful for bedtime and wine and that my children's performance this evening will not be the ultimate measure of my success as a parent. [Mom]in' ain't easy.

Since Colby was on teacher duty, that left me on parent duty to navigate the Bulldog Open House. Those unspoken events were all put on in front of an audience of teachers and parents and students. My unruly children demonstrated all things opposite of obedience. I was a hot mess throughout the entire evening as I tried to manage the Dischinger family circus moving from one room to another with little success. 

That night, while I was trying to figure out where I went wrong in the parenting category, I found myself content that the consolation prize for my epic public failure as a mom was wine and chocolate.

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