Monday, April 4, 2016

my weekend in photos.

It's back-to-back Mama and Brooks weekends. Just the two of us boarded a plane from KC --> Indy on Thursday morning for a long weekend to see Grandpa & Uncle Derek.

Brooks loved the whole plane adventure. Honestly, that's very much his personality. He loves going to new places, and trying new things (that are not food), and is so excited about all of it. He also was in heaven on our trip to Rural King (a farm supply store) where we got to see some baby chickens and ducks and sit on "tractors."

The trip was scheduled around one of my best friend's photography wedding gig so that I could gain some experience and insight into a day in the life.

Obviously, we stopped for some Pizza King during the visit.

Brooks loved having "Gampa's" undivided attention for the weekend.

We even put Grandpa on toddler duty for the day while I was wedding crashin' - with the exception of a power outage in the middle of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and a dirty diaper that Grandpa otherwise would have taken no part in - the two of them had a delightful day together.

Loved the opportunity to have some one-on-one time with my little boy. We left a frigid 29 degree Anderson on Sunday morning, and arrived to an 82 degree Kansas City on Sunday evening.

The love continued at the Indy airport due to an overbooked flight, and the travel voucher rewarded to bump to a later flight.

Until about 30 minutes before he zonked out, he actually had done really great for our 6.5 hour campout at IND. Those last 30 minutes, though.. And those eyelashes? They go halfway down his cheeks.

Made it back in time to... not see my husband who was off to opening day at Kauffman. 

So I got my Royals swagger on all by my lonesome. 

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