Monday, April 11, 2016

my weekend in photos.

We are spending the next several months getting things done around the house - this weekend was the  kickoff. We had some people out to do some door painting (because our doors didn't match our trim), and repair a long-time leak. Colby did some landscaping around the house, and I started adding things to my online shopping cart at Home Depot. ;-)

We've all been fighting off some sniffles (because, THIS WEATHER. let's pick a season and stick with it?), so it was touch and go with the kids at any given time.

Our cold mornings turned into beautiful afternoons and evenings, so we took advantage and grilled and played spending a spring weekend outdoors as much as possible.

So I re-joined the Snapchat world, and this is Brooks' most favorite thing.

Sadie is feeling entirely too long on my lap these days.

My view on our walk home from the park Saturday evening.

Grumpy in this given moment, but so cute sporting a piece of summer denim and bare piggies.

Colby's #1 helper. 

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