Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day to my angel mommy.

I have your hair - it's voluminous, unruly, and it even mimicked your early onset of grey. Like yours, my eyes squint when I smile, and my hands and feet seem to look more like yours by the day. We share the same middle name (Elizabeth) and same favorite color (green). I share your love of fresh strawberries, beach vacations, country music, and bargain shopping. You taught me there wasn't a Julia Roberts movie that isn't worth watching, that purging your belongings regularly is a necessity for my sanity, and that a girl can never have too many pairs of shoes in her closet. But most of what I learned from you was what you taught by example. About character. You wore your heart on your sleeve, and it bled for you family. Your gentle and welcoming presence drew people near, and your kindness, empathy, and capacity for love kept them close. You had the ability to laugh in crummy circumstances, and to find good in the bad. Your example of humility, selflessness, grace, beauty, and unfailing love are what I strive to mirror. You have given me so much to celebrate.

Happy Mother's Day to my angel mommy.💞

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