Monday, May 2, 2016

my weekend in photos.

Colby left Thursday for his annual trip to the Ozarks with his friend Dave (and Kirkwood) for the NFL Draft. I'm just happy it didn't fall on Mother's Day this year.

Sadie celebrated the first couple of nights by several wake-ups after she had been put to bed. Like... several. So any hopes of a full night's rest in my king sized bed all to myself (well, and Macygirl) went right out the window.

I celebrated with nightly homemade chocolate shakes. Because they are so good it's not even fair.

I did some brave/crazy things like take all 3 to an open house to see if this house was worth bringing Colby back to the next day.  (It wasn't.)

And to look at some handy-work of Colby's cousin in his high school shop class. (Um, jealous of that skill!)

That one worked out because there were some kid-friendly hands-on exhibits. Like this one. (Eek!)

A friend had recently taught me that she counts her husband's time away by number of bedtimes. This photo was taken just before bedtime #3 - the final one I had to pilot solo. These people are crazy, man.

 Meanwhile, life at the lake...........

So on Sunday morning I was patting myself on the back for getting our crew all up and ready and out the door for church. But I was a little too high on my horse, and instead of waiting in the long drive-thru line at Starbucks (because caffeine), I thought it would be a good idea to unload all 3 of them to go inside. Brooks make the biggest scene I may have ever had to endure in a public setting, and I almost left less one cowboy. (Kidding... kinda.)

But there was this moment before church when Owen, from the next room with Sadie says, "Mom, would you come LOOK at this girl?! She's so cute. That's as much cuteness as I've ever seen."

But my caffeine, my children, and I made it from the parking lot and in the door and checked into Sunday school and church service. I needed Jesus. And my parenting partner. Thank goodness, Daddy was on his way home.

Just in time to head to O-man's first game of the season!

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