Tuesday, May 31, 2016

my weekend in photos.

We had a super fun Memorial Day weekend.

To start it off, a certain little (but not) boy of mine had a birthday. So we celebrated #6 with a couple of friends who came for some cookie cake and ice cream before heading to the Royals game with Colby.

It turned out to be an exciting game, as the Royals beat the odds (I think I read 1/1000) for a 9th inning comeback for a win. While many of the fans had left early, my boys stayed on.

Owen was exhausted after spending a day high on sugar and baseball and friends (and non-stop talking from what I hear) and headed to bed early on his birthday.

Meanwhile, I spent the day hanging with Brooks & Sadie who kindly napped at the same time, giving me some quiet time on the porch. After naps, it was a cycle of fussy toddlers and breaking up toddler fights and enjoying toddler antics and cuteness and constantly holding someone which left me quite pooped, so I piggy-backed off of Owen's early bedtime for everyone.

After church on Sunday, we headed straight to our back yard/porch for some Royals baseball & cold drinks. Colby and I spent our Sunday night at some Hoosier friends house for a Summer kickoff party san kiddos. We enjoyed the relaxing evening with good food, good drinks, and good company.

Our final day of our long weekend started with a donut and play date with one of Owen's old preschool pals. It was actually a perfect way to keep the kids happy and entertained while we sipped slowly on our caffeine, recovering from the previous late night.

After our play date, we made a trip to the local nursery for some flowers. I'm no green thumb, but I do love walking through nurseries. My little lady was a pleasant companion in my cart.

The boys went to the neighborhood pool for a short while during Sadie's nap, but rushed home when a random short-lived storm rolled in.

I ended my evening with a family photo session with one of my fav families on a beautiful evening at the park.

Long weekends rock!

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