Sunday, June 26, 2016

my weekend in photos.

Colby and I enjoyed the rare opportunity to have a date night Friday night. We grabbed dinner and ice cream, and called it a celebration of our anniversary that we had both forgotten was coming up. (and would have otherwise made reservations at our usual anniversary spot) Old married folk.

Saturday, we had a game for Owen - a HOT day, right at nap time. Somehow, the babies survived, and Owen had a great game.

Nana & Papa came over for some pool time & ribs before we settled back in at home for the evening. I aspire to be a great cocktail maker.

We didn't make it to church Sunday morning, but instead went to the farm for a birthday party for our fav neighbor's oldest girl.

Then I took my shweaty self to lunch with friends downtown at a vegan spot that was out of my realm. Plus, a pregnancy announcement came out of it, so that's always happy news. :)

Spent the rest of our evening close to home with family - doing laundry and packing for our upcoming holiday weekend.

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