Saturday, July 30, 2016

life::an outtake.

During our Lake Freeman lake weekend, a really amazing thing that happened. On the second afternoon after lunch, most of the kids were napping. The remaining few, along with their daddies found entertainment elsewhere. For two hours the four of us sat in one place. In one room. Without interruptions. (And with beverages.) We talked of nothing of great importance, but also everything important. Just like we would have done at a sleepover or trip to Pizza King or at the lunchroom table. We were just happy to be together. This was everything. 

Counting each of them as blessings; their authentic friendships that have stood the test of time. Thankful for our group texts that catch me up to speed, for social media that allows me to peer in to their lives from the outside, for being able to count on their support and prayers and encouragement whenever it's needed. These ladies are such a big piece of my heart. My homegirls.

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