Friday, July 29, 2016

my [very long] weekend in photos.

I got an early start into my weekend. (And a late re-entry back into my week.) Our family of 5 loaded our suitcases and headed for a 6-day trip to the Hoosier land.

There kids were over the moon to be reunited with Grandpa, Uncle Derek, and Bonnie. 

Paid a visit to my momma. Home isn't the same without her.

One of my favorite parts of our visit was that it happened to fall during my hometown's county 4H fair week - definitely a week I anticipated each summer as a child. 

I was able to introduce the kids to a couple of fair-favorites: lemon shake-ups and elephant ears. It was a success. We toured the livestock barns, and mosied through the carnival rides section (that wasn't yet open.) We left with sweaty kiddos covered with sticky cinnamon and sugar and headed back for good afternoon naps after the sugar crash.

Owen and Uncle Derek spent free minutes playing board games. They make a good pair.  Brooks spent all of his free minutes chasing Bonnie around. They make a good pair. 

After a couple of days at Grandpa's, we hit the road again for a couple hour drive down country roads to our Lake Freeman destination with 3 of my high school best friends and their families.

The kids all quickly found buddies, and got along swimmingly for the 3-night stay. We had lake entertainment, as well as a nice yard for baseball and corn hole and a stream leading to the lake that also proved to be entertaining. 

Had so much fun having our families together. My girlies and I picked up right where we left off, and somehow snagged 2 hours of uninterrupted girl-time one afternoon. 

It was hard to come back to reality after 7 days clocked out from real life, yet it always feels good to be home. We left Indiana that day with a newly 3-year-old.

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