Tuesday, July 12, 2016

my weekend in photos.

The weekend ended too soon - one spent in KC, still recovering from a long weekend away.

While you were spending your Friday night out and about, I spent mine in a swivel chair at the hairdresser. And I wasn't mad about it. She had my hair looking bomb to spend the rest of my Friday night on my living room couch with a glass of wine and some HGTV.

We're so out of our Farmer's Market routine since child #2 (and #3) was born. We went to the local downtown OP market on Saturday morning, which was actually quite beautiful. Baseball season is over, so we didn't have anything to rush home for.

So we sat on a bench and watched as the boys drenched themselves in the fountain. Because.. why not? #summer


After lunch & naps, we spent some time at the pool before making the most successful dinner I've ever experienced in the history of these children we're raising. It was just baked breaded chicken "nuggets" with peaches from the market and some smoothies.. but for whatever reason, ALL THREE of them ATE their meat and at least one of the sides. So amazing.

Then I had a photoshoot with a pair of sisters and this guy.

We were back to our Sunday grind after missing the last two with church and Costco, then had a non-grind Sunday dinner date night with 2 of our very faves on the patio of Char Bar.

Don't mind the nipple grab.

Monday had me dragging to be back to work.

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