Monday, July 18, 2016

my weekend in photos.

For Owen's last day of camp, parents were invited to come have lunch on the campgrounds. It was a week filled with dirt and kickball and animals and nature, and we roasted marshmallows over the campfire on a(n unusual-for-July) pleasant Friday afternoon.

After dinner, I made a batch of chocolate pasta - one of our farmer's market buys from last weekend. It was long overdue, as it's one of my favorite summertime desserts/traditions.

I ran errands with the babes on Saturday while Colby and O went to his brother's to help with a building project. Then while Sadie slept, Brooksy and I worked on making his chocolate chip cookie cake for his party the next day. It may look like flour on his face, but it's actually baking soda, which he said "mmm!" to. 

Perhaps a little more careless, but equally enthused as I remember his big brother being at this age with helping me in the kitchen. Love my little kitchen helper! 

Colby and I had a fun date night with a friend from work & her husband at Arrowhead Stadium for the Kenny Chesney (with Old Dominion, Sam Hunt, and Miranda Lambert) concert. It was another beautiful night, and a fun change-up from a dinner date! 

The heat returned with vengeance on Sunday afternoon, just in time for Brooks' pool party. It was a perfect day for the pool, but perhaps a little toasty for the "party" part. (Getting out of the pool to eat was a little painful without being submerged in water.)

Just her sweet little self walking out from church Sunday. 

Brooks couldn't take his focus away from the cookie cake that was coming, or then getting back home to play with his new toys once presents were opened. So while he spent little time in the pool with his party guests, he was perfectly pleased to be a birthday party star. 

Trampoline assembly and cleanup and baths and then it was to bed and back to the Monday grind.. but only for a short week!

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