Sunday, July 31, 2016

my weekend in photos.

I dodged some Pokemon hunters with a client and her family for a photo session on Friday evening.

Saturday morning, sleep sounded better than my phone chiming at me to get up for a run. Because when your running partner is unavailable, the motivation is lacking. But we got our crew out the door for Harrison's 3rd birthday party at the farm. And the farm never disappoints.

But after 3 hours of that, back home with 2 kids sleeping and the other watching golf with dad, and me on my laptop with photos.. I cancelled our babysitter for the evening.

Hung at the pool with a friend and her kids until storms threatened, then hung on our back porch for a bit while the wet kiddos ran wild. 

I worked up all the motivation I could, and managed a 4-mile run on my own before church. 

After church, Owen and I split off from the group to cash in on a date coupon from Mother's Day. We added back-to-school shopping to our date for supplies and new shoes for his first grade (huh?) year. I couldn't help but feel emotional about that. 

We sat at the bar where a golf tournament was airing, and I sat and listened to him talk about the players (whom he could name) and the game. He's become quite the golf enthusiast these days. Not my conversation topic of choice, but thoroughly enjoyed having the one-on-one time with this amazing kid.

I ended my evening with having our friends' youngest over for the evening while they went out. It's truly amazing to think that Sadie was that small, immobile, and dependent just a year ago.

Baby fix.

Great weekend back in our home!

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