Thursday, August 11, 2016

brooks, lately. [3 year old edition]

We've got a full-blown 3 year old. Here's a glimpse into what life with Brooks is like.

He's most frequently referred to as "Brooksy," even by himself. He's also picked up the nickname "Boo Boo" at our house, mostly by his daddy. Also, the summer home with dad resulted with his head being buzzed. I'm just getting use to his new "look," feeling like it aged him 2 years.

He shares a bedroom with his big brother, and the two of them make a whole lot of noise up there playing games that often end with someone crying before they settle down for bed.

He has long been my devoted napper - and for 3 hours plus. But this summer has begun the decline of reliability. However, his willingness to go to bed in the evening is a little [lot] less reliable as we often still hear him stirring an hour and a half past bedtime while his big brother is fast asleep. Here's hoping the loss of naptime will deter our night owl.

He's a small little peanut - height, weight, the whole shebang. We'll credit part of it to the fact that he continues to eat very little (except pancakes and cookies), but he's also a different build than his big brother.

He's a mama's boy to the core. While it definitely has its challenges, there's so much that I love about being his leading lady.

He's quick and he's athletic, but also easily distracted. We're holding off on an "organized" sport for a little while until we think he'd enjoy having to focus on one activity for anything longer than 15 minutes without it being HIS idea.

He's hilarious. Definitely the funniest member of our family. He keeps us on our toes, and makes all of us laugh with each whacky thought that comes out of his mouth.

When he's at his best, he's also the most enjoyable member of the family to be around. Brooks on a good day is upbeat, interesting, compassionate, engaging, and just really fun to be around.

This boy and his blanket. The muslin ones only. They've been around since he was just shy of 18 months, and have been a form of security or a signal of sleepiness ever since. I will never forget him in this way - a corner of his blanket up to his nose, sitting still and quiet while he sucks on his bottom lip, and his gorgeous big brown eyes and enviable lashes gazing off somewhere in a stare.

His current toy loves are his scooter, toy cars, and a firetruck he picked out and bought from Target with money from his piggy bank. There's not a room in the house that doesn't have a car lineup on any given day.

He loves to help me bake. Because he loves to taste test. He's got a sweet tooth like his mama, and is always eager to hop up on the counter to help me measure and taste ingredients and dough.
He adores his big brother, and also likes to push his buttons. On the flip side, he loses his cool on a frequent basis when his little sister pushes his. He'll be well-rounded as the middle child. 

There's a whole lot to love about this kid, and couldn't be more grateful that he's ours! Let's do 3!

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