Monday, August 8, 2016

my weekend in photos.

Somehow August snuck up on me. And the last official weekend of summer is in the books.

Friday completed this summer's session of Daddy Daycare. Everyone survived! Including Daddy.

After a donut run (which Brooks always enthusiastically volunteers to tag along for), we loaded up for a Saturday morning at the farmer's market. The weather was too nice not to.


I took the toddlers to visit our favorite nanny and her brand new baby girl. Brooks held the baby 3 times. ;-)

 I took the kids to the park, and by chance snapped the photo on the right - later to discover we had been in that very same spot a year ago that day. From infant to toddler in a year.. it changes so quickly.

We had a bit of an eventful Saturday night with a skunk/Kirkwood encounter. 

 After church & naps on Sunday, we went out for an early family dinner to celebrate the final day of summer vacation for dad. The kids were not on their best behavior, and we left feeling a little more thankful a new school routine was about to hit them. ;-)

Because the nice weather continued, we swung by home to pick up the dogs and head to the dog park to let the dogs (and crazy kids) exert some energy.  Sadie is dog-obsessed, so she was in heaven with all of the "gogs" to see.

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