Sunday, August 14, 2016

my weekend in photos.

Owen's first day of school was on a Friday AND it was a half day. Not sure there was much use in that, but regardless, I'm pretty fond of my new 1st grader. :)

My Aunt Teresa, cousin Sarah, and her two kids arrived on Friday evening for a weekend visit. We sat and waited for our visitors.

We packed our Saturday full. The morning steamed up quickly, but it was fun to share one of KC parent's gems Deanna Rose (or "Indiana Rose," as Owen use to call it) with them. Their previous visit was filled with rain, so we opted for indoor activities.

I couldn't resist taking them to one of my favorite lunch spots at Unforked, but my less-than-cooperative toddlers made the visit chaos.

While Sadie napped, we turned right back around for some time at the pool. It was fun to watch Lucy & Owen play together. These were our first babies, born only a month apart. 

Next up, Spin Pizza. Because it's our family's staple. And who doesn't love pizza and gelato? (And sangria, wine, and craft beer?) Thankfully, all of the small children I didn't want to claim at lunch were claimable at dinner. 

After the gelato, we ended our evening with a trip to a new park - our area's first splash pad! (KC was long overdue.) The kids had a ball, and ran off some gelato sugar highs. 

We said our goodbyes on Saturday night. A short, but full, visit. So happy to have them here.

It was also nice to have our Sunday to prep for the first upcoming full week of school for ALL. :) We broke it up with church and Costco, then Colby and Owen headed off for an afternoon of golf.

The weekend comes to a close, BUT.. my Monday's [home from work] are baaaaack!

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