Sunday, August 21, 2016

my weekend in photos.

THIS WEEKEND WEATHER, ohemgee. We had a little tease of fall-like temps, and it was incredible. 

Friday night we went to the pool with our neighbor friends for dinner, while the kids braved the chilly water.

I had gone into the weekend deciding to make no other plans aside from sticking at home with my 3 year old for a round of potty training bootcamp. So on Saturday, I did just that. But not until after I got in a **7** mile run with my running bestie. AND some hot drinks for the hubby and me since the cool morning warranted such.

It was a rough start to the morning with an underwear protest, but it was soon forgotten with an offer to go outside to play golf.  And scoot. And play in the dirt.

This little lady made a perfect sidekick for the weekend, finding herself seated right next to me on many occasions. Just the sweetest.

Meanwhile, Owen and Colby were off playing their own round of golf. Owen has his cousin's set of clubs on loan, and he was o.ver.the.moon. to get to play the course with Dad.

It was a long day. Really exhausting. But just before dinner, Brooks initiated a potty break and had success. I literally welled up with tears, danced a swaggy dance, and celebrated with one super proud 3-year-old. Ice cream party celebration with his siblin's!

We skipped Sunday morning church to continue on our journey, and had a repeat of some front yard underwear-only entertainment. He had no shame in riding scooters, playing golf, and waving to alllllll the neighbors who walked or drove by in his underwear.

These two had their own round of golf going again. They drew up a 9 hole course on our street and have played and played and played.

While the babies napped and the older boys went on our Sunday Costco run, I cleaned our desk. The desk that I love so much, but haven't seen it's surface in months. Ain't she purty?

My first outing for the weekend was to night church where we sent him in underwear. No accidents, but a traumatizing trip to a different potty.

We spent a lot of time outdoors soaking up the amazing weather. The cool breeze and sunshine was good for my I-hate-potty-training-with-a-passion mood.

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