Monday, August 29, 2016

my weekend in photos.

We had a soggy and muggy weekend here in KC.

We continued our quest to getting Brooks fully potty trained, and he continues to do a fabulous job at home, but the fear of all other potties besides his own still exists.

We had an eventless weekend - a cancelled soccer game, and most of our weekend spent close to home. 

 Got in an extra mile this weekend, 6 of them with my fav running partner. It felt less than great during the run, but was proud to finish.

Got creative in the kitchen and made some sweet potato chips  - the kids are anti-sweet potatoes.. even in the chip form, but Colby and I didn't have any problem gobbling them up on our own.

My little entrepreneur out selling some rocks in the neighborhood. 

Sweetest boy.

Bedtime chillaxin'.

She's my favorite girl.

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