Monday, September 26, 2016

my weekend in photos.

I left straight from work Friday to head to our friends' for our first monthly date night swap with 3 other couples. Since there are 11 kids (6 & under) between the 4 couples, we decided it would be wise to have 2 couples on kid duty, while 2 go out. A nutrient-rich frozen pizza & gogurt dinner with juice boxes was served, and the mayhem mostly contained for a 3-4 hour affair.

I made some pear crisp with a load of pears Colby's aunt brought from her neighbor's tree that was our reward once we were home, quickly followed by BED.

Saturday was soccer day - back-to-back games.

Obviously, the best part of soccer is the after-game snacks. Especially when big brother shares.

I snuck away to celebrate a mama-to-be with my little lady.

I snuck in a LuLa Roe shopping trip with Kimmy, AFTER I spent nap time (for just 1 toddler) making paper airplanes with the boys. #boymom

Sunday mornin' pancake making with my littlest helper.

We joined the masses in signing the foundation of our church's new sanctuary being built... while Sadie grabbed every permanent marker in sight and ripped off the lid to start scribbling everywhere and Brooks repeatedly jabbed the marker tip into the floor to make dots. It was crowded. 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

life::an outtake.

I sat on my kitchen counter and drank wine and ate cold tater tots and chicken nuggets after 8pm - the first chance I had to have dinner after getting home from work.

We're not quite 2 months in, and I feel that I have officially arrived to 3. THREE. (If I spell it out, does it add drama?) I walked into the boys' bedroom to the sounds of protest from the 3-year-old and complaints from the 6-year-old who "ALWAYS" cleans Brooks' messes as Colby was instructing the boys to clean their bedroom that now resembled a war zone. The moment I knew I had arrived looked something like this:

Brooks, it's time to clean up.
We'll have to start taking away the toys you don't help to clean up.
You helped to make the mess, now it's time to help clean it.
Let's put your blankets out in the hallway for bedtime until you're ready to clean.
No. *looks at me, picks up bin of approximately 96 marble run pieces and dumps onto floor.*
And now you have to clean that up, too.
*picks up a piece from the ground and throws across room*

A few more acts of deliberate mess-making and a threat (and follow-through) of soap in the mouth for saying "no" to mommy followed, with no signs of toddler relenting any time soon.

I was instantly angered to the point I wanted to scream at my 3-year-old. But as fast as it came on it was quickly replaced with feelings of devastation and defeat.

I was backed into a corner, and felt completely helpless as to what my next move should be. After a quick moment of internal panic I decided he would be confined to my lap in the middle of the mess he just created until he was ready to pick up. And I knew I had to see it through. It was a good 45 minutes of throwing pieces across the room, physically constraining him to my lap, and talking calmly through his screaming and tears before he finally put his first piece into the bin.

With 18 pieces remaining (Owen counted), he had hit a wall, and so had I. It was the end of our Mexican standoff - now past the boys' bedtime, and Owen watching him from his bed, he so desperately wanted to be done with his torture. Has asked, "Owen pick it up?"

Me:"You are welcome to ask him."
Brooks: "Owen.. help pick up please?"
Owen: "Okay. I'll do all of these and leave you just this one."

I helped the boys get the lid back onto the bin. High fived Brooks and Owen and thanked them for picking up. Without bedtime stories or prayers or prompts to get into proper jammies or brush their teeth, I walked out and closed their bedroom door.

Then I walked downstairs and sat on my kitchen counter and drank wine and ate cold tater tots and chicken nuggets after 8pm - the first chance I had to have dinner after getting home from work.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

life::an outtake.

It's rare that Owen provides much detail about his day. (Aside from "I played Zombies at recess because 1st graders got kickball taken away," or what game he played in PE, which I actually know most days since his PE teacher is my husband. ;-))

But tonight, he talked.

They celebrated Juliana's birthday today. She's back at school after missing a day earlier in the week.
She had cupcakes, but "I'm not a huge cupcake fan.. I'm going to bring a cookie cake or just cookies for my birthday."
But then we remembered that his birthday usually falls when school was out.
And Juliana is WAY older than him. Way, way, way. 
"Like.. almost 9 months, I think."
Juliana is one of his best friends, but Naomi is probably her best friend.
But Reece is his BEST friend - the best from last year and this year.
"We're probably going to be best friends forever."

And today, "we FINALLY found out who has a crush."
It's Aiden on Naomi.
Reece doesn't have a crush, but he thinks it probably COULD be Renezme.
"And I know that 2 girls got a crush on me. London and Renezme. Renezme just follows me around everywhere."
After Brooks hears the word "crush" a couple of times, he interjects: "And my car goes CRASH into your foot!"Owen and I both started giggling instantly. And then, [as all good big brothers do,] he taught him everything he knew...
"Brooks. It's not a 'crash.' It's a 'CRUSH.' And a crush is when you like.. LIKE a girl and you kiss them."
Then it was momma's turn to interject.
"But first graders don't kiss. No girlfriends. Everyone can be friends. No girlfriends until you're older."
"Yeah, like not until 4th grade."
"How aboouuuttt... 10th grade."
"Mom! No, that is ridiculous. Fourth grade. Yeah, I think like about 4th grade or 5th grade."
"Just be nice to your friends. Whether they are boys or girls. Don't worry about crushes. Be kind to your classmates and build good friendships."

Suddenly, I'm very aware that I'm the parent to an elementary aged student.

Monday, September 12, 2016

my weekend in photos.

A migraine for me, and a reported rough day at Nana's had us skipping out on the preschool's carnival originally in our plans. Instead, after some meds and bedtime, our neighbors came down (holding wine and their baby monitor) for some drinks on our porch while the rain fell hard all around us.

The night went late, and then Sadie took it even later - waking up at 12:26 - just shortly after we had finally made it up to bed. It was a 2 hour ordeal that finally ended in a couple of hours of sleep for all.

I mustered up all of the energy I had from my short "nap" for an early morning 9-mile run w/ my running bestie, but can't say it felt good on the knees. And my inability to walk normally for the remainder of my day was proof.

While Colby golfed, the kids and I headed to a birthday party at the nature center. Sadie gets crazy excited about animals, and was squealing with excitement at the ferret.

Owen practiced his iPhone photographing skills. This was his favorite shot.

Sandal weather isn't over yet! Fresh piggies.

Sadie/Mommy photo.

After church on Sunday we loaded onto a school bus with a group of people from our church to do some volunteer work sorting donations at a mission up north. Something we need to be better about doing as a family - serving, volunteering our time, etc. I'm not sure the toddlers "got" much, but Owen certainly did and really dove in to being a helper.

We finished out the weekend with an organized soccer scrimmage since the first 3 weeks of soccer games have been rained out. All practice and no games is hardly fair for a bunch of 6 year olds. Excited for the season!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

my weekend in photos.

Having spent a few weekends out of town already this summer, we made no plans for our Labor Day weekend. Since my running partners were both heading to their respective lake weekends, I snuck a run in early on Friday - my greatest and longest training run to date. Really proud of this run -- for my pace, distance, and how I felt.

We decided to start our long weekend off with a family dinner outing at our favor burger spot on gift cards, which was an extra bonus.

The weather was pretty spectacular to kick off our weekend. 

I turned around Saturday morning to head back out for breakfast with my sister-in-law on a gorgeous fall-like morning on the patio.

We had Colby's aunt and uncle over for some football and food before we decided to jump on an invitation to spend a couple of days out of town with friends.

We packed up the crew and headed west into the vast nothingness that is western Kansas until we happened into a little town with a well-known (in golfer world) golf course to celebrate a friend's birthday.

Colby and Owen were in golf heaven, as were my toddlers with the new scenery and golf carts and hotel and sand bunkers and pool and freedom.

While the boys golfed, I spent time at the pool and a local nature center with the ladies and rest of the kids. Sharing one hotel room with 3 kids - two of which are not excellent sleepers - was a bit of a challenge.. but we survived the hour of "hell" that was bedtime and deemed it a small price to pay for a really fun weekend with our friends.

Capitalized on the opportunity for a family photo!

I really was loving the views from the road of our flyover state.

We arrived home to our pups, and settled in for the last evening of summer with some baths and laundry and back to school prep.