Wednesday, September 14, 2016

life::an outtake.

It's rare that Owen provides much detail about his day. (Aside from "I played Zombies at recess because 1st graders got kickball taken away," or what game he played in PE, which I actually know most days since his PE teacher is my husband. ;-))

But tonight, he talked.

They celebrated Juliana's birthday today. She's back at school after missing a day earlier in the week.
She had cupcakes, but "I'm not a huge cupcake fan.. I'm going to bring a cookie cake or just cookies for my birthday."
But then we remembered that his birthday usually falls when school was out.
And Juliana is WAY older than him. Way, way, way. 
"Like.. almost 9 months, I think."
Juliana is one of his best friends, but Naomi is probably her best friend.
But Reece is his BEST friend - the best from last year and this year.
"We're probably going to be best friends forever."

And today, "we FINALLY found out who has a crush."
It's Aiden on Naomi.
Reece doesn't have a crush, but he thinks it probably COULD be Renezme.
"And I know that 2 girls got a crush on me. London and Renezme. Renezme just follows me around everywhere."
After Brooks hears the word "crush" a couple of times, he interjects: "And my car goes CRASH into your foot!"Owen and I both started giggling instantly. And then, [as all good big brothers do,] he taught him everything he knew...
"Brooks. It's not a 'crash.' It's a 'CRUSH.' And a crush is when you like.. LIKE a girl and you kiss them."
Then it was momma's turn to interject.
"But first graders don't kiss. No girlfriends. Everyone can be friends. No girlfriends until you're older."
"Yeah, like not until 4th grade."
"How aboouuuttt... 10th grade."
"Mom! No, that is ridiculous. Fourth grade. Yeah, I think like about 4th grade or 5th grade."
"Just be nice to your friends. Whether they are boys or girls. Don't worry about crushes. Be kind to your classmates and build good friendships."

Suddenly, I'm very aware that I'm the parent to an elementary aged student.

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