Tuesday, September 6, 2016

my weekend in photos.

Having spent a few weekends out of town already this summer, we made no plans for our Labor Day weekend. Since my running partners were both heading to their respective lake weekends, I snuck a run in early on Friday - my greatest and longest training run to date. Really proud of this run -- for my pace, distance, and how I felt.

We decided to start our long weekend off with a family dinner outing at our favor burger spot on gift cards, which was an extra bonus.

The weather was pretty spectacular to kick off our weekend. 

I turned around Saturday morning to head back out for breakfast with my sister-in-law on a gorgeous fall-like morning on the patio.

We had Colby's aunt and uncle over for some football and food before we decided to jump on an invitation to spend a couple of days out of town with friends.

We packed up the crew and headed west into the vast nothingness that is western Kansas until we happened into a little town with a well-known (in golfer world) golf course to celebrate a friend's birthday.

Colby and Owen were in golf heaven, as were my toddlers with the new scenery and golf carts and hotel and sand bunkers and pool and freedom.

While the boys golfed, I spent time at the pool and a local nature center with the ladies and rest of the kids. Sharing one hotel room with 3 kids - two of which are not excellent sleepers - was a bit of a challenge.. but we survived the hour of "hell" that was bedtime and deemed it a small price to pay for a really fun weekend with our friends.

Capitalized on the opportunity for a family photo!

I really was loving the views from the road of our flyover state.

We arrived home to our pups, and settled in for the last evening of summer with some baths and laundry and back to school prep.

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