Monday, September 12, 2016

my weekend in photos.

A migraine for me, and a reported rough day at Nana's had us skipping out on the preschool's carnival originally in our plans. Instead, after some meds and bedtime, our neighbors came down (holding wine and their baby monitor) for some drinks on our porch while the rain fell hard all around us.

The night went late, and then Sadie took it even later - waking up at 12:26 - just shortly after we had finally made it up to bed. It was a 2 hour ordeal that finally ended in a couple of hours of sleep for all.

I mustered up all of the energy I had from my short "nap" for an early morning 9-mile run w/ my running bestie, but can't say it felt good on the knees. And my inability to walk normally for the remainder of my day was proof.

While Colby golfed, the kids and I headed to a birthday party at the nature center. Sadie gets crazy excited about animals, and was squealing with excitement at the ferret.

Owen practiced his iPhone photographing skills. This was his favorite shot.

Sandal weather isn't over yet! Fresh piggies.

Sadie/Mommy photo.

After church on Sunday we loaded onto a school bus with a group of people from our church to do some volunteer work sorting donations at a mission up north. Something we need to be better about doing as a family - serving, volunteering our time, etc. I'm not sure the toddlers "got" much, but Owen certainly did and really dove in to being a helper.

We finished out the weekend with an organized soccer scrimmage since the first 3 weeks of soccer games have been rained out. All practice and no games is hardly fair for a bunch of 6 year olds. Excited for the season!

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