Monday, September 26, 2016

my weekend in photos.

I left straight from work Friday to head to our friends' for our first monthly date night swap with 3 other couples. Since there are 11 kids (6 & under) between the 4 couples, we decided it would be wise to have 2 couples on kid duty, while 2 go out. A nutrient-rich frozen pizza & gogurt dinner with juice boxes was served, and the mayhem mostly contained for a 3-4 hour affair.

I made some pear crisp with a load of pears Colby's aunt brought from her neighbor's tree that was our reward once we were home, quickly followed by BED.

Saturday was soccer day - back-to-back games.

Obviously, the best part of soccer is the after-game snacks. Especially when big brother shares.

I snuck away to celebrate a mama-to-be with my little lady.

I snuck in a LuLa Roe shopping trip with Kimmy, AFTER I spent nap time (for just 1 toddler) making paper airplanes with the boys. #boymom

Sunday mornin' pancake making with my littlest helper.

We joined the masses in signing the foundation of our church's new sanctuary being built... while Sadie grabbed every permanent marker in sight and ripped off the lid to start scribbling everywhere and Brooks repeatedly jabbed the marker tip into the floor to make dots. It was crowded. 

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