Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween 2016!

We couldn't have had a better Halloween eve over here. Between the good weather and the good children, Colby and I were on Cloud 9. Seriously. Best. Halloween. Ever.

The evening was warm for October - low 60's - making for a pleasant temperature to take our time. Both boys could hardly wait to begin our adventure out. They'd been begging to wear their costumes for days, and the night had finally come. We took the wagon, but everyone - including Sadie - insisted on walking. And they did. The entire way around our block. Brooks enthusiastically gave each house a hardy "Trick or Treat," "Happy Halloween," and "Thank You." Sadie happily took candy one piece at a time for as long as they held the bowl at her level. Owen was superstar big brother with holding Sadie's hands up and down steps and encouraging Brooks to "take only 2 pieces." I pulled the empty wagon and Colby walked Macy from house to house and watched proudly from the curb.

For as long as my children will allow, we'll coordinate their costumes. After a lot of back and forth between options, we finally settled on Brooksy's choice, as I felt his disappointment in a costume would play out least favorably between the three. ;-) I ordered the boys' costumes from PBK, and did some crafting to make Sadie's pant/shirt, and ordered the ears and tail from Amazon.

So, firefighter he was!

And his brother, too.

So naturally, little sis was our puppy dalmatian. 

Standing still for a picture wasn't what she had in mind.

 But we snapped a few anyway.

 And ended with my favorite of the shots, thanks to a LOT of shutter clicks.

Happy Halloween!

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