Sunday, October 16, 2016

my weekend in photos.

I had the day off on Friday - with all 3 kiddos - and spent it drowning in laundry. Everything lauderable (?) was laundered. And after a week of fighting off some bizarre illness that never quite settled in, it took everything out of me that was left in me.

Came across this addition to my desk during my cleaning. Had to take a pic.

But that didn't stop me from mustering up the energy to spruce up for a long-awaited date night.

Only to have Sadie puke down the front of me moments before we were suppose to leave and cancel our sitters. I pouted and went to bed early.

Saturday morning soccer got me up and about.

And Saturday afternoon baking and a Hoosier Homecoming with friends turned my weekend around.

Sunday was warm. Like, real warm. And I had "fall" sessions back to back to back to back. Nothing like having clients show up in their Christmas gear in 85 degree weather!

This one and her refusal to go to bed. She's figured a way out to get mommy and daddy all to herself for some post-bedtime bonding.  Guess since she's SO SWEET when she's refusing to go to bed, I can forgive her for the puke fake-out.

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